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The Blue Dragon continent, the lanyun Kingdom.

It was the cold season.

The sky was covered in white snow, and the earth was covered in white.

Heavy snow fell from the sky, somewhat obscuring the eyes of the people of the blue cloud nation.

However, everyones eyes brightened up when a bright green light broke through the dark sky.

“Green-winged flying bird, Jade archive! The North Mystic heavenly Emperors husband has arrived!”

Countless people cheered and their eyes were full of worship as they looked up at the Green-winged bird and the Jade carriage flying across the sky.

Even after the Green-winged bird and the Jade carriage had disappeared from sight, they were still unwilling to lower their heads, their faces still filled with excitement.

The North Mystic heavenly Emperors husband had already become the faith of everyone in the lanyun nation!

Xiang city, Lin familys courtyard.

Zhao Wanfu was cleaning the snow in the courtyard with a broom.

He looked up at the northern sky and couldnt help but sigh,

Oh, its snowing.

Its been half a year since young master left! &Quot;

Before he could finish his sentence, a tender and crisp voice sounded in front of him, ”

“Grandpa Zhao, were here!”

Zhao Wanfu focused his eyes and saw a ray of Mystic Light flash.

Lin Xuan appeared in front of him with the four little babies.

In their hands, they each carried a large red bag.

The bags were bulging and looked like they were filled with a lot of things.

Zhao Wanfu hurriedly threw down his broom and looked at Lin Xuan with an excited expression.

“Young master, youre back!”

He thought to himself that his young master was really amazing.

He had just been talking about him and he had returned!

Lin Xuan held the four little oneshands and chuckled.


its very cold today.

Han Zhu and the others are afraid that youll get cold here, so they asked me to bring them here to give you something! &Quot;

Zhao Wanfu was so happy that he couldnt close his mouth, ”

“Im already very happy that you guys can come back to see this old man.

Theres no need to give me anything!”

“This is a small token from the children!” Lin Xuan smiled indifferently.

lets talk inside! &Quot;

“Good, good, good, quickly come in!” Zhao Wanfu quickly led Lin Xuan through the door.

After entering the house.

Lin Xuan waved his hand, and a large pile of food and clothing items appeared in front of him.

They looked extremely high-end and exuded the aura of the North Mystic heavenly royal family.

this … Zhao Wanfu was shocked, ” young master, you brought too much! &Quot;

“Not much,” Lin Xuan shook his head.

but I picked the best.


“Alright, Ill take it!” Zhao Wanfu smiled happily.

He thought that his young master was really kind and filial.

He was already the husband of the North Mystic heavenly Emperor, but he still treated him like before.

In fact, it was even better than before!

Without waiting for Zhao Wanfu to come back to his senses, Yan Zhu and the others came over.

Manzhu raised the bag in her hand, ”

Grandpa Zhao, this is the spiritual fruit I brought for you.

Its not cold at all.

Instead, its warm! &Quot;

Si Xi raised his bag as well, showing two deep dimples on his face, and said,

“Grandpa Zhao, I also brought a lot of precious nuts.

Dad said that eating more of these nuts can make your hair black!”

“Yes, yes, yes, sisters are right!” Qianqian also stuffed the bag into Zhao Wanfus hands.

Grandpa Zhao, I have a lot of auspicious handiwork here.

Youll be lucky forever if you keep them at home! &Quot;

“And me, I also have a gift for you!” Mouyou excitedly took out a wine pot made of high-quality spiritual Jade, ” I got this from the mystic Ice Palace.

Ive kept it for a thousand years.

It must be delicious! &Quot;

When Zhao Wanfu saw that the little girls were so attentive in giving him gifts, his old eyes suddenly turned cloudy, and a few tears flickered in them.

“Good, good, good, Grandpa Zhao will accept your kind intentions!”

youre so sensible and obedient.

If your grandfather was still here, he would definitely be very happy! &Quot;

The four babies said in unison, ” “Grandpa Zhao, youre also our Grandpa!”

Zhao Wanfu couldnt control his tears after hearing what they said.

He quickly wiped his tears with his hands and said with a smile, ”

Grandpa Zhao has not lived his life in vain since you all care about him so much! &Quot;

you guys stay here and play.

Grandpa Zhao will go and make a table of delicious dishes for you now! &Quot;

After that, the old man turned around and walked into the kitchen excitedly.

At the same time, he told Lin Xuan that he would have a few drinks with him later.

After about an hour, Zhao Wanfu had prepared a table full of dishes.

He picked up the wine pot that mouyou had brought and was about to pour Lin Xuan some wine, but Lin Xuan stopped him.

“Young master, youre now a top figure whose name shakes the world.

I should be the one pouring wine for you,” Zhao Wanfu insisted.

no! Lin Xuan shook his head.

no matter how I am outside, Im still the same Lin Xuan when Im back here! &Quot;

Zhao Wanfu was stunned when he heard this.

After a long time, he revealed a look of admiration.

“Well said! Sticking to ones heart and not wavering, dealing with people in a relaxed manner, this is the demeanor of a true superior!”

“Young master, youre more mature than before!”

Lin Xuan laughed.

After filling his cup, he poured himself another.”Uncle Zhao, cheers!”

“Cheers!” Zhao Wanfu was all smiles.

He downed a glass of wine.

Zhao Wanfus face suddenly turned red, and even his neck quickly turned red.

Yan Zhu and the others covered their mouths in surprise, ” wow, Grandpa Zhaos face is red from just one glass of wine! &Quot;

Lin Xuan shook his head and laughed.

Grandpa Zhao is not drunk.

He has encountered a bottleneck in his realm.

The spirit Qi has gathered in his body and can not be directed, causing his blood to boil.

He looks like he is being roasted.


Zhao Wanfu hurriedly circulated his energy to suppress his boiling blood and Qi.

He nodded and said,


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