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“Is Xiu-er still alive”

Chen Yulins mind went blank, and he was so scared that his legs were trembling.

“Somethings wrong! Its wrong!”

“What this old woman is trying to say is that Ive already killed her, but how does she know everything Ive done”

“Who is this old woman”

Chen Yulin felt that this old woman was not simple.

With such an imposing manner, it was obvious that they were here to condemn him.

Fortunately, yang Lingxiu was already dead, and there were many things that could not be verified.

As long as he clenched his teeth, he would not lose to this old woman!

With that thought in mind, Chen Yulin shot a quick glance at du rongming.

Du rongming nodded slightly, indicating that he had taken care of everything.

Chen Yulin heaved a sigh of relief.

Du rongming was the sects great elder, and he had always been a man of propriety.

Since he had already dealt with yang Lingxius aftermath, there was no need to worry too much.

When Chen Huicheng heard the old woman, Zhao Qi, mention yang Lingxius name, he asked Chen Yulin in shock, ”

“Yu Lin, didnt you say that Xiuer went out alone to gain experience Why did this old woman say that you killed her”

“Father, cant you tell that this old woman is a lunatic” Chen Yulin laughed bitterly.

Chen Huicheng turned his head and looked deeply at Zhao Qi.

He was instantly a little dazed.

He did not know Zhao Qi either, so the possibility of yang Lingxiu knowing Zhao Qi was very small.

From what he knew, yang Lingxius family had been killed by her enemies.

If she wasnt alone, how could she have almost been kidnapped by the mountain bandits

Ning Deye heard the conversation between Chen Huicheng and Chen Yulin.

After thinking for a while, he looked at Zhao Qi and said, ”

“Old woman, tonight this kings daughter is getting married.

This is a great thing.

This King doesnt want to argue with you.

You should leave on your own!”

“If you insist on causing trouble here, this King can only be ruthless!”

Now that Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou were both present, and with the power of the Grand Master of Dongyuan heaven, the wedding was a must.

And compared to the sudden appearance of the old woman Zhao Qi, ning Deye was more inclined to trust Chen Huicheng and his son.

Therefore, he decided to hold the wedding first and talk about other things after the wedding.

As soon as he finished speaking, he released a strong pressure to suppress Zhao Qi.

Seeing this, a group of guards from the Wang Residence rushed forward.

All of them were armed and full of killing intent, as if they were going to throw Zhao Qi out.

At this moment, a clear and melodious voice, which sounded like the chirping of an Oriole, but also a little dignified, rang out, ”

“Let her in!”

Donghuang Ziyou straightened her posture, her phoenix-like face cold as ice, exuding the aura of a sovereign.

Under her unparalleled aura.

The eastern sage king, ning Deyes imposing manner was instantly suppressed.

He took half a step back and said,”Yes!”

Zhao Qi hurried into the main hall.

As she was blind, she could only use her divine will to sense donghuang Ziyou.

“I, Zhao Qi, pay my respects to the water Empress!”

She had long heard of the battle at Mount Tiandu, where Empress Xuan Bing, donghuang Ziyou, killed Emperor Dong Yuan, Kong qingcang, with a single strike.

Combined with donghuang Ziyous boundless aura, she boldly guessed that the person who had invited her in was this primordial great Empress.


donghuang Ziyou nodded slightly.

what happened tell me in detail.


She had been observing Zhao Qi ever since she appeared.

She realized that Zhao Qis speech was quite organized, and her emotions were very normal.

She was definitely not a lunatic.

Combined with the trace of evil in Chen Yulins body, she was more inclined to believe Zhao Qi.

As such, he decided to let Zhao Qi explain the whole story to prevent letting an evil person off the hook right under his nose.

With donghuang Ziyous support, Zhao Qi was instantly filled with confidence.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

I was once an admirer of the ancestor of the fire cloud clan.

Because I could not get what I loved, I have been guarding under the cliff of the fire cloud clans back mountain, looking forward to meeting their ancestor one day and start a beautiful relationship.


but things didnt go my way.

I waited for 300 years before I found out that the fire cloud clans ancestor was killed in a secret realm.

I was so heartbroken that I cried for ten days and ten nights.

I cried until I was blind! &Quot;

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

It turned out that the old woman was an admirer of the fire cloud clans ancestor.

Moreover, she was really devoted to the ancestor of the fire cloud clan.

For him, she was willing to guard under the cliff for 300 years, and she even cried until she was blind.

It was enough to see that this person was also a person who dared to love and hate, worthy of admiration!

Chen Huicheng couldnt help but bow to Zhao Qi.

so senior and my sects founder have this kind of relationship.

Im Chen Huicheng, the former sect master of the fire cloud sect.

Greetings, senior! &Quot;

Zhao Qi continued without changing her expression, ”

“Last night, a black shadow suddenly fell from the sky and landed on the cliff where I was.”

I went forward to search, and with my divine sense, I sensed that it was a red figure wrapped in a quilt.|| I found that the womans bones and bones were all broken.

I thought she had fallen to her death, but I didnt expect her to still be breathing.”

“So, I forced a breath of spiritual energy into her and asked her about her encounter.

The woman told me that her name was yang Lingxiu, a disciple of the fire cloud clan.

She was killed by Chen Yulin because she helped him reach the Emperor-to-be realm through dual cultivation!”

after that, I secretly heard from the fire cloud clan that Chen Yulin was going to marry the daughter of the eastern sage king today.

With this combination, I finally understood why Chen Yulin suddenly attacked yang Lingxiu.


As she spoke, her body trembled uncontrollably, and she looked at Chen Yulin with extreme hatred.

“What I hate the most in my life are heartless people who play with other peoples feelings!”

yang Lingxiu gave up everything for you, but you killed her cruelly for your own future and even threw her corpse off the cliff! &Quot;

“Im so angry, I must seek justice for her today!”

Upon hearing this, everyones eyes fell on Chen Yulin.

Zhao Qis words were logical, the facts were clear, and her feelings were sincere.

The people present were all top-notch nobles and had extraordinary knowledge.

It was easy for them to judge that what she said was true.

However, he did not expect that Chen Yulin, who looked like a talented man, gentle and polite, would actually have such a vicious and cruel heart!

Donghuang Ziyou could not help but look at Lin Xuan.

“Compared to Chen Yulin, Lin Xuan is so much better!”

back when he was living in a rich family on the Blue Dragon continent, many beautiful and noble women went to him to propose, but he turned a blind eye to them.


hes not bewitched by beauty or status.

There arent many men in the world who can have such a magnanimity! &Quot;

At the thought of this, donghuang Ziyous eyes were filled with even more admiration.

Chen Yulins matter made donghuang Ziyou realize that she had not picked the wrong person!

At this time, Chen Huicheng had already asked Chen Yulin impatiently, ”

“Is what senior said true Did you really kill Xiu-er”

Even though Zhao Qis words were irrefutable, Chen Huicheng still could not believe that his son would actually do something to yang Lingxiu.

One had to know that in front of Chen Huicheng, Chen Yulin had always treated yang Lingxiu as his own sister!

Chen Yulin was driven a little mad by his questioning, and his eyes were red as he said, ”

“I didnt! I didnt kill Xiu-er! This old woman was a lunatic! You cant just listen to her side of the story and not believe me!”

“Crazy He he he!”

Zhao Qi sneered and took out a piece of Jade.

this is the jade pendant that yang Lingxiu took from you before she died.

She had been holding it tightly in her hand.


“Ill take it out for you to see.

This is the evidence!”

Chen Huicheng and Chen Yulin lowered their heads.

It was a Qilin jade pendant with the word “Yi” carved on it.

It was Chen Yulins jade pendant!

Chen Huichengs mind exploded as he said with red eyes, ” “Yu Lin, did you really kill Xiuer”

Chen Yulin took two steps back, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

“You want to frame me with just a piece of Jade What can a piece of Jade prove”

He firmly believed that yang Lingxiu was dead.

As long as yang Lingxiu was dead, he would not admit defeat!

Furthermore, with the Empress and Di Fu behind him, and the eastern sage king eyeing him covetously, he couldnt afford to lose!

So, he told himself that as long as he could get over Zhao Qi, he would be innocent.

As for Zhao Qi, a blind old woman, she would eventually be treated as a lunatic and thrown out!

“I didnt expect you to still deny it even now!” Zhao Qi was so angry that her body was trembling madly.

Chen Yulin gritted his teeth.

if you have the ability, then show me more direct evidence.

Otherwise, youll be a madman.

Ill trap you in my trap! &Quot;

Zhao Qi was speechless.

Before yang Lingxiu died, she had only briefly explained the process of her death to her, and the only evidence at the moment was Chen Yulins jade pendant.

If Chen Yulin refused to admit it, she would not be able to prove that he was the one who killed yang Lingxiu.

Hu ~

At this moment, a cold and gloomy wind blew into the hall.

A cold shadow stood at the entrance of the hall, looking at Chen Yulin with hatred.

“Im here to prove that youre the one who killed me!”


Everyone looked at the door when they heard this.

Yang Lingxiu was wearing a black shirt and her hair was disheveled.

Her fair and delicate face was filled with hatred and pain as she stared at Chen Yulin.


Not only Chen Yulin, but even Chen Huicheng was shocked.

They noticed that yang Lingxiu was no longer a normal person.

Instead, it was more like a Phantom without a physical existence.

In other words, yang Lingxiu was now a ghost!


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