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Angelo Flores sat in his office waiting for a phone call. He played with his phone and swung it back and forth as he had a mischievous smile on his face. His phone finally rang and he immediately answered the call, asking, "yes, what is the update?"

the person on the other end of the phone said, "well, she broke the window and jumped out of the house and she said you should go to hell."

Angelo laughed and said, "oh really? is that so? well, I will send her there first." Isabella didn disappoint him at all, he thought to himself.

"Nothing short of what I would expect from a spoilt princess," he said happily. He neatened his suit, got up from his chair and left his office.

Isabella stopped a cab and asked the driver to take her to Mato Hospital. She felt her time would be better spent by her fathers side. On her way to the hospital, she once more thought about steve and wondered if he had gotten over his anger. She decided to call him but, after bringing out his number on her phone, thought better of it. There was no need for her to make him one of Angelos enemies.

When Isabella got to the hospital, her parents were very happy to see her. They wanted to know how she was coping as she had just married Angelo that morning. She lied to them that he was surprisingly good to her and had dropped her off at his mansion but she had to come to the hospital because she was worried about them.

True to Angelos words, her parents had gotten back everything that belonged to them. They were making plans to move her father back home, so he could receive treatment from the house.

Isabella felt relieved. At least the suffering she had experienced in the morning and the ones that awaited her in the future wouldn be in vain. But now, she didn know where to go to. She couldn follow her parents back home and couldn go back to that disgusting house.

She knew for a fact that it wasn Angelos house since only a pig would be able to live there, or probably not, because she wasn sure even a pigsty was that dirty.

As if on cue, her phone began to ring and it was a call from a strange number. Only few people had the number she used in Panama, so she turned on her caller identification app and searched for the name of the caller. She rolled her eyes when she saw the name Angelo Flores boldly displayed on her screen.

Angelo called again and Isabella answered the call this time around but, before she could say anything, Angelos seemingly angry voice said;

"I don think you care about your parents as much as you claim Princess. Just as I have returned everything to them, I can take it all back"

Looking at the happiness on her Mums face, Isabella suddenly became afraid that Angelo would turn their Joy into sorrow.

She slowly made her way outside the ward before continuing on the phone. "Look Angelo, its not like Im being stubborn or going against the contract but I am mysophobic. I can be in such places. Its a matter of life and death for me."

"I see" Angelo replied. "Already making excuses huh? get ready for your punishment and this time around, if you try to act smart, your parents will bear the brunt. I hope we understand each other Mrs Isabella Flores?"

"Yes we do" Isabella replied in a defeated manner, clearly irritated that that her name was associated with Angelos name.

"I will see you soon" Angelo said and hung up. About thirty minutes later, Angelo called Isabella to come out of the hospital with her luggage. She bid her parents goodbye and left. Her father had a sad expression on his face while her mother reminded her, "be strong and don forget what I told you."

When Isabella met Angelo, he opened the door of his car and told her to get in. She put her luggage in the trunk and entered the car. As they drove off, Isabella wondered what Angelo wanted to do to punish her. Could it be dirt related? She shuddered at the thought.

Angelo drove into an estate and stopped when they arrived at a palacelike building. Isabella was awestruck at the beautiful house. She had passed by this estate a few times but had never gone inside, so she didn know it had such beautiful buildings.

Her fathers house was beautiful as well but this was on another level. She got over her excitement when she remembered what happened in the morning.This could as well be a trash house, she thought to herself.

They made their way into the house with Isabella slowly walking behind Angelo. When she got inside and saw the paintings and pictures on the wall, Isabella knew that this was Angelos house.

A young lady suddenly came out of one of the rooms and asked "is she the one?" Isabella looked at the woman in surprise, wondering who she was and what they were up to.

"Yes she is" Angelo replied. He looked at Isabella and said "we are going clubbing in two hours time. This lady will show you to your room and get you ready. Go with her and be sure to follow her instructions as she is working under my authority."

As she followed the lady into the room, Isabella had a hunch that Angelo was going to deal with her at the club since he had said he wanted to punish her. She silently prayed for peace to exist between them as that was obviously more advantageous to her and was bound to make her mother happy.

The lady waited for Isabella to take a bath and after that, gave her a red gown to wear. Isabella had worn short gowns before but had never worn something so skimpy and revealing. It barely covered her boobs and butt cheeks and, it revealed more than it covered her perfectly fair skin. However, she accepted it without complaining.

The lady applied make-up on Isabellas face. The lipstick was so red that it made Isabellas lips look like that of a blood sucker. Her long hair was beautiful styled and she was given an unusually high silver sandal to wear.

Isabella quietly followed the ladys instructions without arguing or complaining. When the lady was done, Isabella went to stand in front of the floor to ceiling mirror.

She opened her eyes in shock as she barely recognized herself. Her look was nothing short of a cheap prostitute. She suddenly became pallid because she knew that tonight was definitely going be torturous for her.

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