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Isabella decided to keep quiet and watch Angelo roast the fish to his hearts content. Although it wasn something she had done before, the way it looked made her doubt if Angelo was actually good at this.

Angelo soon finished roasting and took out the fish from the fire with his knife. He happily cut one of the fishes into two and was shocked to see that even the insides were completely burnt.

He cut the second one into two and noticed the same thing. Refusing to believe his eyes, he cut open every part of the fish completely and threw everything sadly on the floor.

He looked at Isabella and noticed that she was trying hard not to laugh. "What the hell do you find funny? I merely caught the wrong fishes thats all."

Isabella smiled at him, "you just murdered those innocent fishes for no reason. Now that you have finished roasting your fishes, please help me with the coconuts."

Angelo grudgingly stood up and broke one coconut for Isabella. When he broke the second one, he drank the water and began eating it.

Isabella stared at him in surprise. "I thought you said you would die if you ate anymore coconuts."

Angelo stared at her and said, "really? Rubbing salt in my wounds?" He was already feeling unhappy because he had risked his life to catch the two fishes and he had wasted his time making a fire and roasting them in vain.

Why would Isabella be cruel enough to remind him? "I am sorry Angelo, you just took me by surprise" Isabella said while smiling.

Angelo ignored her but she continued, "please I would need you to lend me your trouser and shirt for a while so I can bathe and wash my bra and panty.

Once they are dry, I will return your clothes back to you."

"I don think you need the trouser" Angelo replied. "My shirt is big enough to cover even your tiny thighs so that should be enough."

Isabella knew that Angelo was trying to pay her back for making fun of him. She smiled, "I think you are right, my thighs are indeed tiny so I think the shirt would do."

Angelo changed his mind and said "no I think it would be better if you wore my briefs beneath the shirt instead, I don want to be accused of staring at someones privates."

Isabella scoffed in disbelief, "how can you ask me to wear your briefs when you have it on you? Not only is it wet but it is dirty and covered with sand. Are you deliberately trying to mess with me?"

Angelo stood up from the sand, "did you just call my briefs dirty? How dare you?"

Isabella rolled her eyes at him, "are you being serious? I only said something that is a fact. After wearing it throughout the night, is it supposed to still be clean?"

"Yes, it is still clean" Angelo replied. "Since you chose to look down on my briefs, you are not allowed to touch any of my belongings. Figure out another way for yourself because I am not helping you."

Isabella sadly turned and picked up the remaining piece of her red gown. The only choice she had left now was to tie it around her privates until her panty got dry.

Just as she turned to walk to the sea, Angelo took his white shirt and threw it at her. When Isabella saw the shirt, she turned and smiled at him while he said "you

e welcome. I know I am amazing, theres no need for you to say it."

Isabella reminded him, "please close your eyes so I can take a bath."

Angelo briefly contemplated offering to bath Isabella because of her wound but he recalled what she had done when he tried to help her brush her teeth.

He decided to ignore her and turned his back on the sea while Isabella picked up his shirt which had fallen on the ground and headed to the water.

Without bothering to confirm if Angelo was looking at her this time, she took off her bra and panty and slowly lifted her injured arm up as she bathed with one hand.

She took so long because she was incapacitated. After waiting for a long time, Angelo believed she must have finished bathing so he turned his face towards the sea and was shocked to see her still naked.

He found it difficult to look away and kept staring at her until he couldn take it anymore. He stood up from the ground and slowly walked over to her.

Isabella was still bathing when she heard foot steps. She turned and saw Angelo standing in front of her. She was surprised because Angelo had given her his word that he wasn going to look at her.

She closed her eyes and screamed but Angelo covered her mouth with his hands and said, "hold on Isabella."

She bit his hand and refused to stop shouting until she felt his lips on hers and his hand on one of her bosom. She opened her eyes in shock at the realization of what was seemingly about to happen.

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