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"How many Islands are closer to this big sea?" Christy asked the tour guide whom she had employed.

The tour guide replied, "there are about ten islands but it would take a long time to check out each one of them. My guess is that whoever you are looking for is already dead. It would be best for you to give up and go back to Panama."

"No, I cannot do that," Christy replied. "I will only give up when I am absolutely sure that Angelo is gone. Please I need your help to check these ten islands one after the other."

"I cannot help you with that" the tour guide replied. "But I know someone who could and he even has a yacht. Only that it would cost you a whole lot of money."

"Money is not the problem" Christy replied. "Just get me to him. I strongly believe Angelo is still alive."


Isabella stood by the shore and rinsed her hair as well as her body. She once again looked behind her and smiled when she saw that Angelo still had his back to her.

She liked this version of Angelo and wished that he would be the same if they eventually went back to Panama.

After bathing, she dusted her panty and bra and wore them before washing her red gown.

When she walked over to the rocks to dry her gown, she said, "Im done so, you have your freedom back."

Angelo stared at Isabella and felt blood rush to his head. This was the first time he was getting a much better view of her body.

Her panty revealed more than it covered and he couldn stop himself from staring longingly at her thighs. Isabella saw that he was constantly staring at her and decided to keep him busy.

She suddenly placed her hand on her head and said, "Angelo, the weather is really hot. I think its time we set up a shed, at least to protect us from the heat of the sun."

Angelo agreed with her and said, "Ill get the palm fronds while you get the the sticks. We would need four sticks in total and pick the ones that are strong."

Isabella went right away and began picking up the sticks while Angelo went to the entrance of the forests and started gathering some of the palm fronds.

Angelo buried one end of each stick deep into the ground until they formed a square. He tried to place the palm fronds on top of the sticks but they kept falling off.

After trying unsuccessfully for a while,he said, "this won work Isabella, its a waste of our time. Lets just resort to sleeping on the sand for now."

"You know that we will get bittten by insects if we do that. We escaped last night because of the rain but if it doesn rain tonight, we won be able to escape the insect bites."

Angelo smiled at Isabella and asked, "are you saying you prefer the rain to fall at night?"

Isabella opened her eyes when she realized what Angelo was driving at. She decided to ignore him but he moved closer and said, "you seem to have enjoyed what I did to you last night considering how you kept moaning. Is that why you want the rain to fall tonight?"

Isabella began to blush as she recalled what had happened last night. She couldn deny that she had enjoyed it or the fact that she had actually moaned but that only showed that she was human.

She didn even want such a thing to happen between them in the first place but Angelo had been the first to suggest it and the weather had forced her to accept. What gave him the right to tease her about it now or twist her words?

She turned her face away from him and began to walk away but Angelo went after her and said, "don ignore my question Isabella. Did you enjoy what I did to you last night? Were you even for a moment wishing that I would go further?"

Isabella pushed Angelo away because he was standing too close to her and said, "I don know Angelo, stop asking me such questions."

Angelo came closer again and said, "why don we carry out a little experiment so we can both be sure if you really enjoyed it?"

He moved much closer and was about to kiss Isabella when she opened her eyes in shock and pointed at the sea.

Angelo quickly turned and saw that there was a yacht coming from afar and couldn believe his eyes. The both of them ran towards the sea and began to shout and beckon for the yacht to come to their rescue.

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