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Isabella wept and said said in-between her sobs, "I am very sorry Steve, please forgive me for what Im about to do.

No matter how much I wish otherwise, Angelo is the only way for me to survive the night and it is very important for me to survive and return because I am all my parents have got."

Isabella wiped her eyes and stood up from the ground. Due to the cold, she bent as she walked towards the direction Angelo had earlier gone.

She couldn bring herself to stand erect and kept shivering and chattering as she walked.

Angelo was breathing in and out with his mouth due to the cold. He was staring at the trees by the forest entrance at the same time and as such didn hear Isabella approach.

When she finally got to where he was, Isabella saw Angelo standing and realized he was also cold but his mind seemed to be somewhere else.

"Angelo help me" she managed to say.

Angelo quickly turned his head to his left side and saw Isabella shivering with her body bent.

He could imagine how bad her situation was considering the fact that he was now feeling really cold.

He noticed that she hadn bothered to lift her gown up or wear back her bra. Her gown was still by her waist and only her lower body was covered.

He quickly walked to her side, lifted her so she could stand straight and hugged her tightly. He noticed that she hugged him back and didn mind that her bosom was pressed against his chest.

He rubbed her back for a while and moved his hands from there to her neck. He held her neck so she could look up at him and their eyes met for a moment before he began to kiss her.

Isabella did not try to jerk away like before but allowed Angelo to explore her mouth to his hearts content.

After kissing her for a while, Angelo lifted Isabella up bridal style and took her back to where they had both been before.

He laid her on the sand with her head on the palm fronds and resumed the kiss.

Isabella closed her eyes and folded her hands as her own desires began to build up.

Angelos breathing had become very hard at this point and he seemed like a wild and untamed lion ready to devour its prey.

He moved his lips down to Isabellas neck and placed kisses all over her neck. Isabella began to moan and feel very excited.

Her cold feeling had instantly disappeared and was now replaced with a new feeling. A longing which was foreign to her.

She had always loved being around steve and enjoyed it whenever he kissed her but the feeling she was experiencing now was different and new.

Angelo went below her neck and began to kiss her bosom. He he gently nibbled on her areola, teasing her on both sides while Isabella became completely consumed in ecstasy.

She instinctively opened her eyes which she had closed all along and stared at Angelo, surprised at what he could do to her despite the seeming hatred between the both of them.

He stopped teasing her and took the tips of her bosom into his mouth, alternating between the two of them intermittently.

Isabella reached out her right hand and grabbed Angelos hair as she felt her breath stuck to her throat.

Angelos desire was to take Isabella right there on the floor, to give her intense pleasure and take as much from her but he recalled what she had earlier said and stopped himself.

He knelt down and stared at Isabellas body as she laid on the floor and also stared at him.

Even in the darkness, he could see that Isabella was beautiful. Her bosom was succulent and round. Her youthful beauty was intoxicating.

He could see why Steve was so crazy about her and he couldn help but fear that the same thing would eventually happen to him.

Isabella wondered why Angelo stopped. She had made up her mind with so much difficulty but if Angelo decided not to go further, despite experiencing a feeling of disappointment, she would be extremely grateful and more respectful towards him from henceforth.

Angelo laid beside Isabella and placed his head on the palm fronds. He told Isabella to get on top of him and she obeyed without a word.

As she laid on his body, with her bosom pressed against his chest once again, Isabella closed her eyes and buried her face in the curve of his neck.

Angelo slowly rubbed his hands around her back as he said, "don worry Isabella, lets just keep each other warm. I promise that I won take advantage of you. You will not have to do whatever you do not want to, as long as Im here."

Isabella lifted her face up to look at Angelo and said, "thank you so much. I appreciate what you have done for me."

After speaking, she returned her face to the crook of his neck and smiled satisfactorily as she tried to fall asleep.

Angelo felt pain in his abdomen and knew that it was because he had stopped himself from going further with Isabella. He excused himself and went to the side to urinate.

After that, he came back and they assumed their initial positions as they both bade each other good night.

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