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Christy waited anxiously for the divers as they went farther and deeper into the sea.

She paced up and down by the sea hoping desperately for good news. After hours of diving and searching, the divers finally came out and said there was no sign of them.

Christy insisted that they search once more but the leader of the divers told her that it was futile because no matter how much they searched the waters, the result would still be the same.

Christy ran back to her hotel room, locked herself in and threw her body on the bed. She kept crying uncontrollably as she recalled all the wonderful moments she had spent with Angelo.

It may not have meant much to him but those moments were strongly embedded in her memories and she cherished every single one of them.


Angelos stomach began to rumble and he knew that it was caused by hunger. He hadn eaten anything since yesterday morning and decided to search around for food.

He thought of going closer to the sea to catch some fishes but he didn know how to go about it. Even if he miraculously caught any fish, he wasn good at making fires and wouldn be able to eat the fish raw.

He gave up on catching any fish and decided to search around for something else to eat. He stood in front of the forest and contemplated on if it would be a mistake for him to go in.

He didn know if there were wild animals inside and he had no weapons with him. Having a bigger body meant that his reflexes weren so fast so what if he went in and a wild animal snuck up on him?

Instead of finding food, he might end up being animal food. He gave up the idea of entering into the forest and walked back to the beach.

At this rate, he was going to die of hunger before anyone managed to find him. And thats if anyone was even looking for him.

He decided not to lose hope. Even if he didn treat Christy so well, he always satisfied her in bed and their steamy moments were always sweet.

He needed to at least believe that she would leave no stone unturned in searching for him. She was the only hope he had at the moment because he didn inform most people about his journey to stockholm. Not even his uncle.

After pacing up and down and thinking for a while, an idea suddenly popped into his head. If this was an island then it meant that there was a beach on the sides.

Perhaps he may find a boat there or there might be something for him to eat. The part of the island where he was at seemed really deserted. He doubted if boats or ships ever came to this side.

Rather than wait around for hunger to claim his life, he decided to go around the island and see what he could find.

He didn know how big the island was, how long it would take him or if he would die before getting to the other side but he still decided to move because he felt that it was better than staying put.

He didnt want to go through the forest so, he slowly began to walk around the Island in order to get to the other side.


Isabella eventually got tired of crying and wiped her eyes. She knew that crying and feeling sorry for herself wasn going to help in any way.

She was feeling very hungry because it was already afternoon and she hadn had anything to eat.

She stood up from the ground and decided to do something about her situation. She looked at the sea and the first thing that came to mind was to catch some fishes but she wanted to make a fire first.

She recalled how steve had done it once when they camped outside during her college days.

She took two stones and struck them against each other repeatedly. She became excited when she began to see the sparks.

Now that she was sure she could start a fire, she decided to search around for some dry sticks and leaves.

She went to the entrance of the forest and picked up little dry sticks. She noticed some other bigger and longer sticks stacked by the side and realized that she wasn the first person to be stranded on this island.

She suddenly became really hopeful. If that person was able to find his or her way out of the island then she could do it as well.

Once she was out of here, she would perform a proper burial for Angelo as his wife, even though their marriage was meaningless. After that, she would reunite with her Steve and her life would once again be filled with joy.

With this determination, she suspended making a fire for the time being and decided to put up a sign so she could easily be found.

She tore off a part of her red gown, took out one of the sticks and tied the red piece of cloth on one end of the stick like a flag.

After that, in the middle of the beach, she dug a deep hole in the ground, using her hands. She placed the big stick inside the hole and covered it up.

As Isabella stood by the side and inspected the stick, she smiled in satisfaction. Even though a ship or boat was far away, they would certainly see her sign and come to her rescue.

When she was done with that, she went towards the water and washed off the dirt from her hands. She wiped her hands on her torn gown and went back to picking up the dry sticks and leaves.

After gathering them up, she came back to where she had kept the stones and began trying to make the fire once again.

She tried so hard but could not get the fire to start. The sun was shining directly on her, she was sweating and was very hungry.

When she couldn make the sparks she made before, she angrily threw the stones on the floor and sat down helplessly.

She began to feel pain in her stomach once again because she was not used to being without food. She got up and decided to try making the fire again.

She kept trying until she began to see the sparks. She intensified her efforts and continued striking the stones together until she finally started a fire.

When the fire began burning the wood, she jumped up happily and screamed. She look at the burning fire for a while and couldn help but praise herself.

Before now, this was something she couldn do, no matter how much she tried. Steve had even told her not to beat herself up because not everyone could start a fire with a stone.

Now that she had started a fire, she needed to catch some fishes. She went back to the stack of wood and picked one up.

However, she noticed that none of the sticks had a sharp end. This was a big problem because she couldn catch a fish with a wood that had a flat surface.

She searched around her if she could find anything to sharpen the wood with but there was none. Left with no other choice, she decided to use the wood like that.

She moved a little bit deeper into the water and tried everything she could think of but she wasn able to catch any fish.

She looked back at her fire which was burning brightly and put in more effort but she wasn successful. She threw the stick away and angrily went back to sit by the fire.

The heat from the sun was nothing to write home about and the fire was only bringing out more heat. She got angry and scattered the fire completely.

Now she knew what was going to kill her. It was hunger and, by the time her body would be found, the vultures would have already fed on her flesh.

She laid on the floor and began to cry again. She had been so hopeful that she could make it but now she realized how naive she must have been.

Whoever stacked those big sticks might have already died from hunger and had his or her body fed on by vultures and washed away by the waters of the sea.

Her situation was not all hopeless though. She was sure that if she went deep into the forest, she would surely find what to eat.

Although she knew there could be wild animals in there, she believed it was better to die trying than give up so easily. She would search for whatever she could find.

It could be fruits or she could catch smaller animals and roast them. The idea irritated her but she believed she didn have any other choice.

If she had known, she wouldn have scattered her fire, now she had to make another one. She decided that she would take one of the big sticks first and go into the forest.

Any small animal she saw, would feel the impact of the stick on its head and then she would pick it up, come back to the beach and roast it after remaking the fire.

It seemed really doable but she couldn find the strength to lift herself up from the ground. She laid there lazily and closed her eyes as she was slowly carried away by sleep.

Isabella slept until it was evening before opening her eyes. Her stomach was once again in pain because she had not had anything to eat.

She yawned and felt disgusted with herself when she perceived her breath. She always brushed because she felt that she needed to keep her mouth fresh but now that she was here without any brush or or toothpaste, she knew that she would have to improvise.

She slowly got up from the ground and picked up one of the sticks which she had earlier used to start a fire and walked towards the sea.

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