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After thinking for a while, Isabella dialled Steves number. When he picked up, she said, "I am so sorry Steve. I told you about the sort of person Angelo is and asked you not to come here but you still came.

You know that I cannot bear to see you being treated badly so please, go back to London and move on with your life. Someday we might meet again and end up together if we

e destined to be."

"Isabella, I do not regret coming to see you at all. Now I understand what you have been going through and I promise you that I will free you from that marriage, even at the cost of my life."

Just as Isabella ended her call with Steve, Angelo knocked on her door and said, "Isabella, I have a business party to attend in the evening and want you to come with so make sure you get ready when its time. We leave by six."

Isabella closed her eyes and said, "not again" she knew from experience that going to a party with Angelo meant trouble for her. She briefly recalled what happened the last time he took her to a club.

He had offered her to a disgusting drunk as if she were a whore, made her come home under the rain and spend the night outside. Was he about to punish her again because Steve came to visit? But how was that any fault of hers?

She had not fully recovered from the effects of being exposed to the rain and now this. She began to feel anxious and it nauseated her.

She touched her neck and realized that she was running a temperature. She wasn in a condition to attend a party or be subjected to torture so she decided to plead with Angelo to go to the party without her.

She went out to the living room and saw that he wasn there so she went to the door of his room which was partially open and was about to knock when she heard him talking on the phone and saying. "Im so glad you are back, Ive missed you so much darling. See you at the party."

She paused and thought, "Angelo had a woman he loved but still married her? His desire for revenge must be very strong. She had thought he wasn capable of feeling such emotions but he was human afterall.

This woman was apparently coming to the party and Isabella wondered if she was a nice person. If Angelo was in love with this woman, she could become friends with her and get her to convince Angelo to let her and her family go and forget about his meaningless revenge."

Isabella became lost in thought that she did not notice when Angelo got up from his bed and stood on the other side of his door. "Were you eavesdropping on my private conversation?" He asked in anger and opened the door of his room.

Isabella said, "no Angelo, I wasn . I came to speak to you but happened to overhear you talking on the phone.

Angelo, you are married to me yet you are still keeping another woman outside?"

Angelo was surprised. He thought Isabellas question meant that having a woman outside bothered her. He was about to feel happy that he had found a new way to torture her when she disappointed him with her next words.

"Angelo, why not do the right thing and marry this woman? Let me go and don deprive yourself of spending your life with your love. Think about how happy the both of you would be together."

Angelo regarded her for a while and started to laugh. Isabella stared at him in surprise, wondering what he found funny. After laughing, his expression became serious once again and he said, "shut up Isabella and don talk about things you know nothing about.

Why are you wasting time here when you should be getting ready for the party?"

Isabella suddenly recalled why she had come to his room and said, "please Angelo, I don feel well today and my body is burning up. Kindly let me stay at home and I promise to go with you the next time."

Angelo raised his eyebrows and said, "what? Were you under the misconception that I was asking you? Isabella, I wasn asking you to come with me to the party, I gave you an order so you have no right to voice your opinions.

Now go and get ready for the party and stop making silly excuses."

Isabella tried to reason with Angelo but he got into his room and slammed his door on her face.

Isabella sadly walked back to her room. Judging from Angelos reaction earlier she knew that he definitely had something planned for her.

Left with no other choice, she began to bring out the things she would need for the party. She knew that she needed to go to the hospital and get tested in order to be sure of what was happening to her.

Angelo would not permit her to leave now so she had to endure until the following day. She took a few painkillers for the headache she was experiencing and began to dress up for the party.

Isabella wore a simple turquoise blue gown which was almost at knee length. She liked this gown especially because it was in the family of her favorite colors and although it hugged her body and accentuated her petite frame, she still felt free inside it.

She added a little blush to her cheeks, making it rosy and applied a transparent gloss on her lips. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she recalled how steve always told her that she had the most beautiful skin in the world and that he loved it whenever she let her hair loose.

So, she let her long hair fall on her back and sides and wore a moderately high silver coloured sandal. After which, she took her silver purse with her phone in it and went out of the room.

Angelo had already left the house and was standing by his car, waiting impatiently for her. He was about to go in and lash out at her, when she opened the door and came out.

Angelo stared at her as she locked the door and came out. He found himself mesmerized by her beautiful face. She smiled at him, revealing two lovely dimples on her oval childlike face.

The bridge of her nose was shiny and perfectly curved. Angelo couldn deny that blue was good on her and her long silky black hair which fell by her sides could make her perfectly pass for a half little mermaid.

Isabella stopped walking when she saw the way Angelo was staring at her. She could tell a lustful look when she saw one and the last thing she wanted was for Angelo to attempt intimacy with her.

He hated her so she knew it wasn possible. But why did he keep on staring at her lustfully? She suddenly began to fear for her innocent body.

Angelo saw that Isabella had stopped walking and tried to come to his senses. He couldn understand why he was now feeling this way for someone he hated. She had smiled at him for no reason because she was confident that she had a beautiful smile.

Could it be that Isabella was deliberately trying to seduce him? This little vixen. He was going to teach her a lesson.

He angrily got into the car and shut his side of the door while Isabella turned to the other side and got on the passenger seat and put on her seatbelt.

As Angelo drove to the venue of the party, he thought about christabel and decided that he was going to put their sexual relationship to an end.

He had never been in a relationship with any woman because he had always only thought about carrying out his revenge. Women naturally threw themselves at him but he refused to be bound to any of them.

Fulfilling his needs was never a problem because he had where he picked up his women from whenever he wanted. And he preferred it that way as they were always obedient and not clingy.

Not that they had a choice though because he paid them well. He only changed when Christabel came into his life. She was in charge of the sales and marketing department in his company.

She was tall, sexy and quite efficient at her job. When she had first shown an interest in him, he had turned her down but she had persisted and said she didn want any commitment or attachment.

Their relationship was a mutual one where they pleasured each other whenever they had needs. Soon enough he came to enjoy Christabels company and took her along whenever he went on business trips.

He had initially been happy when she informed him that she was back from her leave as he knew that Isabella was only able to have an effect on him because he hadn gotten laid in a while.

He was initially looking forward to grabbing christabel to a corner at the party and tasting her sweetness once again but Isabellas reaction earlier made him have a change of heart.

He could tell that Isabella so badly wanted him to have a close relationship with Christabel so she could use that as an excuse to spend her time with Steve. He wasn going to let that happen.

He wanted Isabella to suffer and not have any reason to be happy. And if he had to deprive himself of his pleasures in order to achieve that, he was going to do so.

They soon arrived at the party and both Isabella and Angelo went inside.

The moment she saw him, Christabel ran to Angelo and hugged him passionately while acting like Isabella was invisible. She tried to kiss him afterwards but he shifted his face and said,

"what are you doing Christy? Stop that, I am a married man."

Christabel stared at him in surprise but the one who was more surprised was Isabella who stood beside him. She knew their marriage was just a ruse for him to torture her and had no real meaning or significance. What was he up to now?

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