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Finding little phoenix

Kong Rui left the banquet, but didnt leave the palace quickly. Instead, she followed her vague memories and walked towards a garden in the inner courtyard of the palace.

Along the way, Kong Rui encountered many palace servants.

With Li Lings appearance, the palace servants were very respectful to Kong Rui.

“Miss Li!” Two female slaves passed by Kong Rui and bowed to her, but their eyes were filled with disdain.

Kong Rui knew the two of them. They were the ones Wen Qiong was relatively nicer to.

Back then, when Wen Qiong tortured her, these two were quite ruthless.

It seemed that they looked down on Li Ling!

Kong Rui was the least favored person in the Li family. In the palace, slightly more favored palace servants even dared to ignore her.

The slave gave a perfunctory bow and started to leave.

Kong Rui glared at the two of them. “My bracelet is missing. Find it for me.”

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The two slave girls looked at each other. “The princess is still waiting for us to serve—”

Kong Rui snorted. “The princess is currently at the banquet. Its not your turn to serve her!”

“Hurry up and find the bracelet that the queen gave me! Otherwise, youll suffer the consequences!” Kong Rui said coldly.

The two female slaves pursed their lips. Although they were indignant, they couldnt really contradict the young lady of the Li family.

“I wonder where Miss Li lost the bracelet” A female slave peeked at Kong Ruis wrist while thinking about something.

Kong Rui raised her hand and pointed in the direction of the inner garden. “It just fell over there.”

“Over there” the slave girl exclaimed. “Miss Li, you cant go there!”

Kong Rui raised her eyebrows and snorted. “Why cant I go I was resting there just now!”

The two maids looked at each other, as if alarmed. “Well… we need to report this. Please wait, miss.”

A slave girl started to leave.

Kong Rui raised her leg and kicked the other party to the ground. “Even finding a bracelet is so troublesome! Why does the royal family even hire you all!”

“Miss, you might not know this, but this garden is a forbidden area. Even if we really find a way to enter, Im afraid…” A female slave explained anxiously.

Shut up! one of the other slave girls stopped her sharply.

“Or what Im standing here safe and sound!” Kong Rui put her hands on her hips, still looking like she didnt believe the slave girl at all.

The two slave girls hung their heads and offered no further explanation.

Kong Rui grabbed one of them by the collar and was about to walk towards the garden.

Less than ten feet away from the garden, a female slave finally couldnt help but beg for mercy. “Miss Li, please spare my life! You really cant go to this garden!”

Kong Rui released the womans collar and watched her fall to the ground. “Why cant I go”

The female slave looked around and said, “This garden was originally guarded by guards, but two days ago, flames suddenly soared in the garden. After that, anyone who approached the garden would be burned by the flames!”

When Kong Rui heard this, she was certain that her little phoenix must have been hidden in the garden.

She shook them off and started toward the garden.

Instead, the two female slaves grabbed Kong Ruis legs.

Kong Rui growled and kicked the two of them away.

One landed on a low tree nearby while groaning.

The other fell into the lake on the other side and flailed.

Kong Rui clapped her hands and continued in the direction of the garden.

At this moment, the little phoenix hidden in the secret room seemed to sense Kong Ruis arrival.

Her eyes sparkled as she flapped her wings to free herself from the vajra chains around her feet.

“Dont waste your breath!” said an old man who looked like a priest. He sat in a dark corner.

The phoenix roared angrily, “Let me out! I need to find my master!”

The priest only scoffed. “Your master is the princess. How could you forget again”

The priest stood up and waved his fly-whisk at the phoenix. “Why bring all this on yourself”

“Pfft! That woman wants to be my master Dream on!” The little phoenix refused to let go and continued to struggle.

The priest muttered an incantation and waved his whisk again.

The little phoenixs body suddenly trembled violently.

She wailed in pain, but continued to glare at the priest.


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