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After a short time a man walked out and came in with drinks .

" Lets drink a bit " the man said and all of them grabbed the bottles and sat starting to drink while making some stories.

" So whats your plan " Ariana said looking and Andrea and she just glared at her furiously and that look was a message for her to keep quite.

Ariana went on cursing and time flew while both just sat that she nearly fell asleep when , Andy tapped her shoulder .

" Wake up dummy , we have got no time" Andy said while Ariana woke up and on peeping on the men they were all on the ground.

" What happened to them " Ariana asked and Andy slapped her shoulders hard. " I said quite "

The girls walked and tipped Audrey as she slowly woke up , her eyes having a blurry vision.

" Andrea " she called in a low tone and it indicated she is in pain.

" Lets talk later Audrey " Ariana pleader with her sister.

Both helped Audrey and got out of the place and like Andrea prepared everything as the car was out . They hopped in and Andrea started driving.

" Andrea where did you get this dummy" Audy said trying to sit properly . Ariana frowned and she couldn keep up with her attitude.

" Who is dummy here, huh, you are just involved with this gangsters and look where it lead you, and am just amaized by your fellow blondie here , doing dangerous decision while i could have solved everything with a call" Ariana almost shouted anger radiating from her face.

" And who do you think you

e? " Audy asked as Andy scoffed while driving.

" Am Ariana Sparkles" Ariana voiced after thinking for a while. " And you should understimate me in any aspect , am better than you "

" Better than who " Audy smirked as she closed her eyes , too bad her twin was innocent and noisy. " Why did you follow me , where is mom ?" she added.

" You

e surely selfish bitch , Shouldn you atlest say thanks for i saved your life " Ariana said looking at her phone.

" God , you are just like mother , even being so unreasonable ... Don use your phone , shut it off " Audrey said looking at her .

" Am just sending the bracelet pictures to my brother, anyway wear this i like the other one " Ariana said while holding Audys hand and made her wear the bracelet she once wore and she took the other.

Andrea smiled on seeing how Audrey looked on her sisters face , she loved her as much as she took it hard to accept her .

Audrey looked at the bracelet and gazed at Ariana for a while and thanked her . She saw a bit of happiness in her twins face , she is a nice person , how sad it is that she missed all the moments she was supposed to spend with her from their childhood untill now , " I will make it up to you Ariana " she spoke in her mind and made more promises in her heart to love and cherish her.

" Watch out " Ariana shouted when a truck crashed onto their car and it swirled on air then hit the ground turned upside down . It was all sudden quite blood filled the foremirror , the windows were crushed , one of them was thrown outside and her body lied senseless and her blurry vision tried to scan but shut immediately and only ambulance bell rang all toward them.

" Mom " was the only word heard in a whisper as tge car became on fire.... it was all blank to three of them.


" is the job done ?" a voice of a woman was heard on a phone , " Yes , maam " the man replied parking the truck and left it on side road as he walked away.


Two days later.

Jake was standing before a grave, his eyes so red and his face too , the rain poured so hard and he didn want to move even a muscle from there . , His eyes were only glooed to the name written on the grave " AUDREY NICKEL " , he couldn believe she was laying on the ground now .

He looked at the milky bracelet tears flowed , it was just last week when everything got along between tgen , they had taken their relationship into anotger level after two years of friendship and now she is just dead and to him itwas not an accident as it was announced , somebody planned the murder

" I will whomever did this to you I promise " he took an oath to avenge her death. After a while he left and headed to the hospital.

" So what are you going to do with her " a man said and looked at Jake .Jake held the womans hand and caressed it .

" She is her mother , she gave birth to tge woman i love and i will take care of her" Jake replied.

" So are we leaving with her Conrad" the man asked and Jake looked at him.

" Yes Benard we are , but nobody should know of this not even maggie and i want you to dig out and find who killed my soul " Conrad who is also jake said and his voice gave dangerous note.

" Yes sir " Benard said and his mindbwent fuzzing , who tried to mess with this monster . He was very okay for the past two years because of a woman , he even lead a fake life before her just to be close to her and someone snatches her life ..... i pity the guy because once he or she is found , nothing good will come out of what will happen .


Back California.

Danford held Arianas hand and caressed it slowly , his world stopped when he heard abou what happened to her , how he wished that god could have shown him a vision about it and stopped her but it was aal too late.

A door knob was twisted and a door was opened when Mr.Sparkle walked in and kissed his babys forehead.

" How is she doing " Mr.Sparkle asked looking at his son. Dan raised his head and looked at him furiously and Sparkle knew why he was acting like that.

" Listen am sorry , i know its partially my fault son but i can hold your anger , forgive me my son " he said almost pleading.

" I don have time for your explanation old man , you just failed to protect your daughter, i wonder is it since she is not your blood " Dan said.

" Dan , take back your words , Ariana is my daughter and i feel guilty that i listened to her instead of sending her secretly bodyguards to protect her , but she is my blood "

" Well she was, not until you failed in protecting her , you shouldn have stopped me and promised me that you would look after her , look what it has lead to " Dan shouted while pacing in the room .

" So what did the doctor say " Mr.Sparkle insisted.

" It will take a long time to wake up from coma, he couldn even approximate the time"Dan spoke as took his coat that was hanged on a chair and left the room .

" Am sorry , am sorry my baby " Mr.Sparkle said as he caressed her hairs , his eyes welled up.

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