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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 5: Usual sermon

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Few hours ago...


Rosalia heard her phone ring and decided to hang up after picking it from her bag only for her to see her husband was the caller.

She excuse herself from the women with a fake smile on her face as she walked further to a distance and stopped until she was clear no one would be able to eavesdrop on her conversations.

"Really? She spent again after the talk session we had two weeks ago?", Rosalia asked again to make sure she heard the right thing.

"Yes dear. I thought she had changed but no, this time around, she actually spent twice the total amount she spent two weeks ago", Jacob replied and a sigh escaped his mouth at the same time.

"Alright darling. Don dwell on it too much. I will be home soon", Rosalia said and they hung up before she walked back to inform one of the women.

"I need to leave now Gracie. I have a urgent matter to attend to", Rosalia said to the woman.

"Alright. We meet at the next meeting then. I will inform the women on your behalf", Gracie said with a smile.

"Thank you dear. It was nice hanging out with you all today", Rosalia said as she and Gracie gave themselves a hug before she left.


Rosalia sighed as the mansion came to sight while she drove. How she wish her daughter could understand the main reason she and her husband was like that.

Rosalia alighted from the car as she saunder into the house. A maid helped her with her handbag as they both went into the mansion together.

Rosalia got into the living room and sat on the chair. Sure, she was exhausted but matters like this made her exhausted the more.

"Get me a cold glass of water", she said to the maid which assisted her with the bag and she left immediately after she got the instruction.

After taking the water, Rosalia went straight to their room where Jacob was waiting for her.

Rosalia opened their room door and saw her husband seated on the bed. He looked as though he was lost in thought and she never like that.

She put a smile on her face and bent low to hug him as she whispered in his ear.

"Darling...", she whispered to her husband who was seated.

She loosed herself from his embrace and got up to change her clothes.

"My beautiful Rose, How did your day go?", Jacob asked while he helped her unzip her dress.

"Fine your highness. Until you called", she answered with a chuckle.

"I did not mean to spoil your day you know", Jacob answered while placing a kiss on her neck.

"Really?", she asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah...", he responded. Still placing kisses on her neck.

"I am sweaty Jacob. I need to shower. I feel smelly", she said with packing her hair in a bun.

"I love your body natural scent", he replied amidst the kiss.

"Eww... get me a towel and lets talk after we shower will you", she said with a wink as she got away from him and she heard him chuckle and she frowned on purpose.

"Is this the reason you called me home?", Rosalia asked while pulling off her zipped cloth.

"No. Its one of the reason but not the only reason. I want you to talk to Emily. Just as you always do. Hopefully she listens this time", Jacob said, handing over the towel to his wife.

Tying the towel well around her chest, Rosalia sat beside her husband and placed a palm on his.

"Please Jacob. Lets inform the kids. Even if you do not want to inform Kara, at least, lets inform Emily. So she can know the main reason for all of this. At least, with that knowledge, all of us could work together as one, as family, as a team. Please Jacob...", Rosalia said with worry written all over her face.

"No Rose. No! Please, don go there. I clearly understand where you are coming and the point of where you are going but no! They need to learn self discipline not because of the revelation of what we are keeping secret from them but because they are humans. Lets forget the fact that we are financially buoyant and not like the less privilege but money or no money, we are still humans and they also and they must learn!", Jacob said to his wife with finality.

"But Jacob...", Rosalia began again but her husband was swift to cut her off before she furthered more.

"Not anymore of this Rose. Please! Just go talk to her and see if this will finally get us somewhere this time around", her husband said and she gave up.

Rosalia looked at her husband once more before she went into the bathroom to have her bath.



I was still asleep when i heard a knock on my door.

"Yes...? Come in", i said as i opened my eyes and sat on my bed.

I saw my room door open and my mum walked in. I watched her seat gently by my side and i asked with confusion because normally, she was supposed to be back very late tonight since she goes every night to the mall every Tuesday after she leaves the golf meeting.

"Mum. You

e back. When did you get back?"

Its not like i am surprised to see her anyway. I was actually expecting her to come into my room to give me her usual sermon after dads scolding just as always.

"Yes. Few minutes ago. How are you honey?", she asked while combing my hair to the back with her hands.

No matter how old i am or how angry i am at my mum, i must confess i always loved it whenever she combed or rubbed my hair with her hands.

"Yeah. Im fine", i replied, facing the opposite direction.

"So what is my love up to?", she asked and i almost rolled my eyes in my imagination.

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