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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 4: Scolding 2

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"That does not still stop you from donating to other charity organizations Emily. Learn to do something with your life. You graduated college this year but since you claim you wanted to have a little peace and unwind before proceeding to the next phase of your education, you mother and I decided you stay a while at home but then, you have seen that has an avenue to keep on shopping even more than the time you were in college...", my dad said, his voice echoing in the large room before taking his seat again.

"You are not too young to take over the company but you know nothing about it since you won let yourself be trained. Emily, all i am saying and trying to do is for your own good. Think about it dear", he said calmly and i could tell he was looking at me.

"Alright father. I get it is all for my good ass you have said and i promise to change", i said to him as i lifted my face up.

"You can go Emily. Inform assistant Kim to report to me now", he said and i nodded positively while i stood up and walked out slowly.


Jacob looked at his daughter with a heavy heart while she walked out the room. He had always talked to her but his words always flew out of her other ear. All he hopes now is that she listens and change just as she promised but he doubts shell ever listen because she always promised to but failed at the end of the day.

James could remember vividly when Emily began her extravagant way of life. It all began when she turned twenty and now she is twenty three.

He had tried letting her know he did not have a problem with her spending but the problem was the fact that she never spent wisely and he knew it was because the family had a lot of money.

Jacob could still remember vividly, the third time he called Emily to his study when she was twenty.

His daughter had asked him what the essence of the money was if it was not meant to be spent.


"I don get it dad. You don let me take pictures and you still do not want me to spend your money? What have i done to deserve all this dad? What is the good of the money if you don want me to spend it? Or do you want to take to your grave?", she exclaimed.

"Emily...!!!! You don talk to your father like that!!!!!", her mother, Rosalia who had been watching the dather and daughter exchange words corrected.

"Mum, i can believe you will take sides with dad...", young Emily had said, looking at her mother intently with alter disbelief.

"Well dad, If yes, then fine....!!!!! I won spend it again. I won spend your precious money again which means you can take it to your grave for all i care....!!!!!", the young girl yelled at her father as tears made their way out of her eyes.

Young Emily looked at her parents, shaked her head slightly and covered her mouth before walking out on them.

But what her parents did not know was that, she did not just walk out on them but also ran away from home. They searched for her that day but could not find her until her mother decided to call her friends; Avery and Piper.

It was at that time Pipers mother informed them that she met Emily at the house after she returned from work.

She told them eavesdropped on Emilys conversation with her daughter, Piper when she met them talking at their place that evening.

"It turned out Piper, had given your daughter her credit card to go lodge at a hotel based on your daughters request, Rosalia", Pipers mother had informed the family that night.

Using that information, Jacob traced Pipers credit card to all the hotels in London that night till they found out the card was used in one of the five star hotels in London.

They had someone monitore Emily but did not go fetch her. They wanted her to come home on her own will after which she did three days later.

It was since then, Jacob had made sure he had someone monitoring her every move but then, as she grew, her attitude of running away from home when scolded changed but not her attitude towards spending.


I got out of dads study only to meet my sister at the hallway. I knew she must have eavesdropped but I was not in the mood to talk so i decided to acknowledge her presence even though i was angry and go straight to my room.

"Hey...", i said with a smile and walked pass her.

"Hey..", she replied and smiled back.

My dad had always seen my spending as a problem. I had always wondered what he was gonna use all that money to do if it was not meant for spending.

We have enough to serve generations but i always end up scolded even when i don spend an amount he could feel he losed.

Without dwelling on it much, i turned the door knob of my room and saw my shopping bags had been brought to my room just as instructed.

Since i was in a bad mood, i was not in the mood to bring out the clothes and check them out again as i always did so i carried all the bags and dropped them in the walk in closet where they will be until i call a maid to arrange them properly.

Not having anything else to do, i decided to sleep with hope to feel better and rejuvenated when i awake.

But before i closed my eyes to sleep, i sent a text to my friends to make sure they got home safe and sound.


Rosalia alighted from the car and went into the house. She was still in a golf meeting with most of the social elites when she got a call from her husband.

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