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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 2: Emily 2

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Some steps before they got down, the butler had bowed and welcomed Piper in.

"Look whos here after smooching her time away with the gigolo", Emily said bluntly while they descended.

"Emily...!!!!", Avery yelled to show disapprovement.

"What? Don say i did not warn you", Emily said and Piper rolled her eyes.

"I am not new to all of this Em. Remember you started when i began dating Victor which has been for five months now. And thankfully, nothing has happened and will happen", Piper said.

"Whatever.... He has nothing else to offer than his dick anyway", Emily replied.

"Now that we are done with the gigolo stuff, can we go shopping?", Avery said in order to change the topic while dragging the two out of the house few seconds after the awkward silence.

"Of course we can. I have the lists of what i want to buy here and more", Emily replied with giggles prior to Averys question.

The three girls went out of the house with each driving their own cars. Emily as always took the lead while the rest followed her from behind.

The girls got to the most expensive mall in London and parked their cars at the car park. Avery, Emily and Piper went into the first mall and painted it red by buying the most expensive shoes, dressers and wristwatches they had to offer there.

After getting satisfied that they have shopped enough from there, they went to another mall which sold expensive jewelries.

Emily picked different sets of necklaces. She choose diamond earrings worth thousands of Pounds while Avery fed her eyes first by walking around all of the jewelries shelf before she finally decided what to pick.

Piper on the other hand bought both male and female jewels. The male neck chain and ring belonged to her boyfriend.

Satisfied with their amount of shopping, the girls felt it was finally time to leave. They paid woth their cards and carted their shopping bags out to the car park each.

"Oh my goodness. I am so tired", Piper said with a yawn as they pushed the cart which had their shopping bags inside before moving it to their various cars.

"We should have brought a maid to help with all this", Emily said as she flung the bags full of cloths into her car.

"Have you had enough Em?", Piper asked since Emily was the one who loved to shop till she drop whenever they were out.

"Nah. We have one more place to go", Emily said with a wink.

"The house of shades...", Avery said, knowingly.

"You got it...", Emily said and they drove off to a mall where expensive and luxury sunshades and all other kinds of shades are sold.

They went into the mall which ulterior design screamed expensive. A big, black sunshade design was uung at the top of the building.

The body of the building shinned like it was built with pure gold. There were two guards at the entrance of the mall who secured and also welcomed anybody entering into the mall.

The three walked in majestically with a smile on their face and chins up while they walked passed the guards who bored to them slightly.

The manager of the place noticed the women as they came in went to knowledge their presence and also took them to the first section of where the jewelries where displayed.

"Enjoy....", the woman said and lowered her head slightly like a bow before leaving.

Emily, Avery and Piper tried on different styles of shades while taking pictures of each and everyone of them.

"You know you would have to pay for that right?", Avery said, looking at a shade.

"Of course i would. Im not here to window shop. Or have i ever done that?", Emily said while still taking pictures.

"Moreover Em. You would only slow us down if you keep on taking pictures. Its not like you would post them so why take them...", Piper commented and Emily stopped.

Emilys father, Luke, was the type who never allows the media to get a glimpse of his familys private life.

He had banned his children. Emily and Kara from posting anything about themselves on social media saying it was a way you protect them.

The only pictures the media could have or take was that of he and his wife. Even his own father before he died never allowed him to take to the internet to post anything about himself.

So, to Luke, it has become a family tradition. The moment he gets a glimpse of his childrens images, he gets them down even though it has never happened.

Emily was tired of having to be beautiful, having expensive things and not been able to share them on the net.

What is the essence of the riches?, she had always thought.

But Emily knew better than anyone. She knew it was for the good of the family and the safety of herself even though it frustrates her a lot and there was nothing she could do about it.

Because of that, she never took pictures with her boyfriends in fear they might post it or some other things could be done with it that would make the public know who the Wrightss first child was.

So with all that, she was at least happy she could walk freely and so things freely without anyone having their cameras up and ready to snap only for you to see yourself trending in the next minute.

No one knows here. No one recognizes her as a member of the Wright family except of course her immediate family and relatives.

"Yeah. I know. Don rub it in my face", Emily said with a chuckle.

"You guys are just so lucky... Im jealous", Emily said, covering her face with her two palms.

"And we are also jealous of your free life...", Avery said in return.

"Yeah. Can you imagine the number of my shots that have been taking without permission today? A good thing you always go out with shades, hats and scarfs or else, the whole world would have known already", Piper responded this time.

"Well. That didn stop me from making headlines two weeks ago. Remember the one about Avery when you were not yet in the country?", Emiky said with a smirk.

"Oh... yeah. I can remember. I also saw you guys making headlines while i was in Canada. It was talking about who the celebrity with Avery was", Piper said, picking up another shade.

"I feel your pain girl but as we all know, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You have been living like that for the past twenty three years and would continue like that until you get married and you and your husband decide whether to expose yourselves or not", Piper said with a shrug.

"I know", was Emilys shot reply alomg with a heavy sigh.

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