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Chapter 97 – Girl and building a village – Part two

“Should I make a place, to pray to god”

“Well… It would probably be a good influence.”

Says miss Lan when I ask her for advice.

If I am the miko, I have no idea what god is influencing me, but I want to make a place where I can pray, even if it’s small.

I want to say thank you for giving me this strange power.

It’s because of this power that I can be here right now.

When I decide I want a place to pray, I decide I want to do my best to try to make it myself, but I can’t make it alone, and have to get help.

But I’m not going to make it so soon, because we have to finish building houses first.

Is anything going to change if I start praying I’m a little excited.

After a while, the house where I’m going to be living with miss Lan is complete.

It’s a one story building made of wood, and it’s pretty big, so the gryphons and Scifo can come in too.

The door is big, and we’re going to be making the furniture we need little by little.

I’m getting kind of good at making furniture too.

Learning how to do all these new things makes me happy.

“The bed, is done.”


What kind of furniture do you want Lerunda”

“Something like, a dresser.”


We are going to need more room for clothes.”

I don’t know what we need, so we’re just going to add things as we need them.

The elves’ houses are getting built one by one too.

The most important building for them, and the one where they work the hardest, is the place where they worship spirits.

I didn’t get to go inside when I was in the elven village, but I’ve been told that I can go in this time.

This new place is going to look different from the village where I was born, the beast people’s village I loved so much, and that mystical looking elven village.

It’s our village that we built, and where we will live.

“When this really starts looking like a village, we have to agree on some rules.

And as we get settled, we should start learning more about our surroundings as well.”


We need rules to make it easier to live here, and we need to learn more about this area.

We’re going to have to explore our surroundings.

“This place hasn’t been touched by anyone, so we might find some unexpected things like new plants.

There is a lot we need to investigate.”

This place is unexplored, so it’s full of nature, and we don’t know what we’ll find.

How am I going to feel when the village is complete Where is our new village going to go That’s also unknown.


I can’t wait, to see what, we’ll find.”

“Yes, but we also might find something dangerous.”

“Yes, but I will do my best, to protect everyone, so we don’t have to run away this time.”

“Let’s do our best together.”

As I talk with miss Lan, I get a little nervous thinking about what we are going to find here, but I’m also excited at the same time.

Our village is slowly taking shape.

With time, buildings start lining up, with the spirit tree in the middle and a public square.

This is a place where people can meet and chat, and can be used for festivals.

I really like the mood of the square.

There are houses around it too.

Close to the spirit tree, there is a small building where I can pray to god.

We decided to build places of worship in the center, so the place where the elves worship spirits, and the place where beast people worship gryphons are nearby.

The fields and medicinal herb garden are coming along nicely too.

The area itself is still small, but the herbs and crops are growing quickly.

We are taking another step forward.

Building the village isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.

I want to live in this place we all made together forever.

—Girl and building a village – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko sees her new village being completed, and thinks she wants to live there forever.)


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