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Chapter 9 – Girl and the beast people – Part two

“Don’t be so rough.”

“Gurugurugururu… (But they didn’t want us to bring them on our backs…)”

“But you could’ve been gentler when you were putting them down.”

I responded like this to Rurumar without thinking, but they can be a little gentler.

“Guruguru… (We’ll be careful next time.)”

Rurumar looks a little sad.

After this, they started dropping the beast people a little more gently.

They brought four in total.

They are all adults.

I understand why so few came to bring offerings to the gryphons, but why did they bring a kid with them

Everyone has wolf ears and tail.

One of them looks like Gaius and has similar fur, so he’s probably his father.

Everyone is looking at me, Scifo, and the gryphons in mute amazement, and one politely stood up.

“Gryphons, it is an honor to step inside your nest, but why have you brought us here I hate to think of it, but could it be that my son, who is standing beside you, has offended you in some way I will accept any punishment but I beg of you, please spare my son.”


I murmured without thinking.

I mean, he’s so stiff, both in his tone and attitude.

He’s really formal.

I know from what Gaius said that the gryphons are their gods, but I’m still surprised at how he addresses them.

It looks like he’s misunderstanding why they were brought here, and thinks Gaius did something…

If anything, I’m the one that did something wrong when I fluffed Gaius’s ears and tail to my heart’s content.

I have to apologize.

The man that looks like he is Gaius’s father heard me and turned my way.

“I’m Lerunda.”

For now, I’ll just introduce myself.

Gaius’s father is silent.

I don’t think he’s ignoring me, he probably just doesn’t know what to say.

He’s probably wondering what Gaius and I, two human kids, are doing here.

I’ll just continue and say what I have to say.

“Are you Gaius’s father”

“…Yes, I am.

And you…”

“I’m sorry Gaius’s father.”

I’ll start by apologizing for what I did to his son.

It was my first time meeting a beast person, and I didn’t know what I did was wrong.

Will he forgive me

“…What are you apologizing for”

“I fluffed Gaius.”

Maybe he’s bewildered because I apologized for something like that, because he’s looking at Gaius like he’s asking for an explanation.

“Hum, father, I heard singing, and then I found Lerunda and the sky horse.

Lerunda pet me… And then they brought me here… And I didn’t do anything rude!”

Gaius said frantically, but it doesn’t look like his father understands.

Gaius and his father have the exact same confused expression.

Like father like son.

Now Gaius’s father is looking at me.

“Lerunda, correct” Can I ask you to explain what is going on”

I don’t really have anything more to add to what Gaius said.

I don’t know what to say.

I nodded, and Gaius’s father asked me.

“Why is a human like you here”

“Everyone here is my family, and this is my home.”

“…You live here”

“I do.”

“Why is Gaius here”

“He got lost, and he said the gryphons are gods.”

“And why were we brought here’”

“Because Gaius was lost and we wanted to reunite you.”

Gaius’s father and the others seem deep in thought.

I don’t know what is troubling them so much, I just said the truth.

“Gaius, what is the matter with them”

“… They’re just surprised, like me.

There’s still a lot I don’t understand.”



It’s very strange for a human to be here, and even stranger for a human to be living with gryphons.

I think they’re just surprised because this sort of thing never happens…”

“I see.”

After I said that, I turned to the beast people deep in thought.

Can I touch their ears and tails just a bit now Is their bushiness and fluffiness different from Gaius’s I’m a little curious.

Gaius is watching me staring, and he knows what I’m thinking.

“…You can’t touch them.”

“Can I touch you instead…”


So much fluffiness in front of me and I can’t touch it… Scifo and the gryphons notice I’m sad and say I can touch them, so I will.

After I was done, I looked at the beast people.

They look even more surprised.

—Girl and the beast people – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko talks with Gaius’s father.)


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