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Chapter 82 – Girl and an announcement

“I’m probably the miko.”

I say with a trembling voice.

I feel like I’m probably the miko

I’m not sure, and I have no way to prove it, but I still can’t help but feel I’m probably the miko.

Everyone is silent, but some don’t look particularly surprised.

Maybe they already had their own suspicions.

I wonder what mister Nirushi and the other cat beast people are thinking.

Their village was attacked because the miko appeared, so it could be said that it’s because I appeared.

But all he says is ‘I see… That did cross my mind…’.



I mean, you formed a contract with gryphons and a sky horse, and I’ve even heard that before we came, you healed someone that was badly hurt… But above all else, during the fight with the monster it became very obvious that you’re not just a regular human.”

“…If I’m the miko… That means what happened to your village was probably because of me.”

“…I guess, but it’s not really your fault is it Even if you really are the miko, it’s the people that were influenced by the idea of the miko that are to blame.

I think of you as a friend, and I wouldn’t blame a friend like that.”

Says mister Nirushi.

I’ve been scared all this time, thinking about what would happen if people found out I’m probably the miko.

Miss Lan said everyone would accept me even if they knew, but I was never sure if that was true, or that nothing would change if they found out.

But mister Nirushi is smiling at me, and the other cat beast people standing behind him don’t look like they dislike me either.

“If you are the miko… That does explain a lot.

It is said that the being called the miko can interact with the spirit tree…”

“There is, a miko, in a country of humans.

That’s my sister.

I was abandoned, but a lot of weird things, have always happened, around me.

I probably can’t, be hurt directly, I didn’t die, even when I didn’t, receive food… And when I faced humans, their magic dodged me…”

I say to mister Sileva.

He lives deep in the forest, so he probably doesn’t know a lot about the kingdoms of Fairytrof and Migha.

It doesn’t look like people in this village know a lot about humans either.

“I noticed, I’m probably the miko, and didn’t say anything.

I’m sorry.

I’m human, and probably the miko… But I like, everyone here a lot… And I want, to stay with you.”

I apologize.

I’ve been thinking I’m probably the miko all this time, but I never said anything about it.

“Of course.”

“If you are probably the miko, that makes you very important.”

I look up, and see kind looking faces.

All these people I like so much are smiling at me.

I feel happy and relieved, and begin to tear up.

It’s alright.

Even if I’m the miko, I can stay here with everyone.

In the village where I was born, people used to call me creepy, but now I’m being accepted like this.


“D-don’t cry!!”

They all approach me with concern on their faces, which also makes me happy.

It makes me so happy that they think I’m important to them.

“I’m relieved, so I cried.

I’m sorry.

I’m staying, with you.”

I wipe my tears.

It feels nice to finally get that off my chest.

“So you’re probably the miko.

That does explain why you’re so compatible with the spirit tree.”

“…Miss Freinet, you are a spirit, so can I ask you to tell us more about miko”

“Yes, but I’m a newborn spirit, so I know that there is such a being in this world, but I don’t actually know much about it.”

Freinet says as a response to one of the elves’ question.

“I’m sure the ones that have been alive for longer know more, but…”

Says Freinet.

So I told everyone I’m probably the miko, and they were surprised, but accepted me.

Now we talk about what we are going to do from now on.

Freinet says we should plant the spirit tree somewhere else, but that means we have to move.

The fact that I’m probably the miko means we should stay away from the kingdoms of humans.

There is also the chance that they might attack again to try to capture more slaves.

So where should we go Is there something at the end of this vast forest Is there just more forest no matter how much we walk Is there another kingdom of humans I have no idea.

The only information we have comes from miss Lan, who says that the path ahead might be connected to that country.

We still haven’t decided what to do next.

A lot happened today.

We defeated the monster, and I told everyone I’m probably the miko.

We decide to go back to the village and rest.

I fall asleep next to miss Lan and Reimar, thinking about how we have to talk more about our future tomorrow.

—Girl and an announcement

(The girl that is probably the miko finally reveals this possibility to everyone else.)


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