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Chapter 76 – Girl and monster extermination – Part four

There is a faint blue light coming from the spirit tree, and then a new light appears.

This light comes flying towards me.

I can’t stop looking at it, as I hang on to Scifo.

Scifo says ‘Hihihin! (Don’t let go!)’, and I do my best to hang on.

The monster’s attacks aren’t slowing down.

I look down and see the beast people, elves, and gryphons trying their hardest to attack the monster.

And then, the light appears right in front of me.

It’s strange, but I can see a shape in it.

It’s transparent, and so thin it feels like it could disappear at any moment, but I can still see the shape of a person.

This is a spirit.

I can tell by looking that this spirit has lost its strength too.

The spirit that formed a contract with mister Sileva didn’t look like this to me.

Are they different in some way

I can tell this spirit is trying to tell me something.

I can’t understand it, but judging by the situation we’re in, and the fact that it went out of its way to come to me, I think it’s here to try to help me.

What should I do to receive its help I don’t have time to ask mister Sileva, and Scifo is completely focused on dodging the monster’s attacks.

The parts of the monster that are cut move, and the monster doesn’t seem bothered no matter how much they cut at it.

The parts that are cut off regenerate, the monster eats magic from time to time, and it delivers sweeping attacks.

We can’t keep going like this.

We have to do something to break through this situation.

I look at the spirit.

The spirit is here to lend me its strength… I have an idea.

While holding on to Scifo, I turn towards the spirit and scream.

“Your name is Freinet! Do you accept!”

I start thinking that maybe I can form a contract with the spirit by giving it a name like I did with the gryphons and Scifo, so I yell the first name that comes to mind.

I feel magic energy slipping away from my body, much more than when I formed the contracts with the others.

Now I can see the spirit… Freinet a lot clearer than before.

It has the shape of a person.

Is it a girl I could barely see her before, but now I can clearly see a girl with light green hair by my side.

“Freinet, can you attack that monster, with all your strength”

We just formed a contract, so I feel bad that I have to ask something like this right away.

I wish we could’ve formed our contract more calmly.

“Yes Lerunda.

Let’s do it together.”



Lerunda, picture wind.”



I’m a wind spirit.”

“Wind… Attack with wind…”

Freinet is a wind spirit.

She tells me to picture wind.

Does this mean I have high wind aptitude I don’t know.

And why does it look like Freinet has a lot more vitality now that we formed the contract when she looked so weak before I’ll have to ask her after we defeat the monster.

Still, wind magic… When Gaius went out to look for mister Athos, the adults that cornered him used something that looked like wind magic against us.

It looked like a tornado, like wind full of strong magic.


I’ll picture that.

That kind of wind.

“When you do, concentrate your magic energy and leave the rest to me.”

I try to remember the wind from that time, and concentrate my magic energy, all while still on top of Scifo.


Strong wind, like the scary tornado from that time.

Wind is blowing, but differently than before.

This is wind produced by my magic energy.

This strong wind is dominating this spot.

I can feel my magic energy inside it.

This wind carrying my magic energy heads towards the monster.

I can’t control it, I just do my best to put magic energy into it, and try really hard to picture the magic in my head.

I’m sure Freinet is the one controlling it, and making it go towards the monster.

The magic created by Freinet and I skillfully avoids hitting beast people, elves, or gryphons, and strikes the monster.

— Girl and monster extermination – Part four

(The girl that is probably the miko forms a contract with the spirit that flew to her side, and they create wind magic.)


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