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Chapter 43 – The woman’s thoughts

I may have been wrong about the being known as miko.

I have always known that the miko is not an all-powerful being, but I do not think I knew what that truly meant.

To start with, it was us humans who decided that the word miko meant someone loved by god.

No, the miko really is loved by god, that is a fact, but right now, the miko is most certainly not receiving god’s love, and is not happy.

If the miko truly lived without ever feeling discomfort or unhappiness, Lerunda would not have been treated so badly in the village where she grew up.

That would never have happened if just being the miko was enough to be granted happiness.

It’s said that long ago, there was a miko that hated the country where she lived, and caused it to be destroyed.

If the miko really was a being that only received blessings from god, the miko would never be in a position to feel such hatred in the first place.

Something loved by the miko will be granted happiness, and the land where the miko loves will never wither, even if the miko leaves.

According to my studies, this is true, but it is undeniable that the miko is not all-powerful.

If a being loved by god was happy no matter what, that past miko would not have been put in a position where she would have felt so much hatred for her country.

It is also true that some power is working to make Lerunda’s life easier, both in this beast people’s village and in the village where she grew up, but now that mister Athos is missing, I’m thinking it is impossible for her to live peacefully forever.

Mister Athos is very important to Lerunda, so if the senior statesmen and priests of the kingdom of Fairytrof were correct, and everything loved by the miko would be granted happiness, there is no way he would be currently missing.

…The more I think about it, the more I start doubting the things written about miko in history books.

The people we know as miko were always put on a stage of sorts for everyone to see.

If a miko lived her life normally, as just a regular person, she would not be written about in books.

Something had to happen for a miko to be written about in history books, which basically means the miko would have to be roped into something important enough to be written about.

I shudder as I reach this conclusion.

A lot of people, myself included, had the wrong idea.

We assumed that the miko was a being loved by god with no disadvantages, and looked at their accomplishments and power and saw a being blessed by god with nothing but advantages.

But surely that is not correct.

Are miko actually granted power and divine protection precisely because they are going to be involved with events big enough to be written about in history books Or are they destined to be involved in such events because they have such great power To be honest, I do not know, but I think a being with such great power is never going to be left alone.

The same goes for Lerunda.

Even if she wishes to be happy, she will get dragged into these events.

That is probably the reason why miko were always under the guard of big countries.

In order for them to live peacefully, such a great power and protection were needed, otherwise people around the miko would drag them into trouble.

This is just conjecture at this point, and I hope it isn’t true, but at this point, I have to consider the worst.

I have to think about worst case scenarios and start looking for the best solutions.

The adult beast people have been telling me that maybe I should run away from this village.

I haven’t told Lerunda and Gaius, but I have been considering it.

I’m worried about mister Athos and the people that went out to search for him.

I hope they are alright but… The worst case scenario is that everyone in this village is taken as slaves or killed.

What I want to avoid the most is for them to be alive, and return only to find out that such a thing has happened to this village.

But as another day goes by where I struggle to figure out what I should do, Gaius runs out of the village, and Lerunda follows him.

—The woman’s thoughts

(As the woman thinks and talks to other adults, two children rush out of the village.)


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