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Chapter 381 – Girl and thirteenth birthday – Part three

Gaius and I watch the village from a place without any other people.

Everyone looks like they’re having fun.

It’s kind of embarrassing seeing everyone so fired up to celebrate my birthday, but it makes me happy too.

Watching the village having more and more people with each passing year makes me feel like we’re getting closer to building a country where everyone can smile and live in peace, just like we swore that day.

Part of me feels like we can’t do it, but a much bigger part of me keeps imagining that future.

I’m sure we’re getting closer to seeing our dream come true.


Looking at it like this, this place isn’t a country yet, but I can imagine it becoming one.”


“I mean, we have lots of races here, and no one fights about it… That’s pretty much what we’re after.”

“You’re right.

All sorts of different people are coming here.

I think it’s nice seeing people live their lives while respecting each other’s cultures.”

“Yes! Me too!”

Beast people happily sing.

Humans and elves are chatting.

Winged people dance in the sky.

The gryphons and Scifo are having fun.

The spirits are enjoying themselves and flying around.

This is a very free place, so it’s fun.

That’s why I love this place and being here with everyone.

Hearing people’s blessings every year when they celebrate my birthday always makes my heart feel warm.

This year too, the sight I’m seeing is something I couldn’t have imagined last year.

And I’m sure next year, a future that I can’t even imagine now is going to be in front of me too.

And it’s probably going to slowly start involving more people from outside the village, in addition to all the people here now.

But does that mean the village will be like the capital of Migha, full of people and full of people I don’t know

“Gaius, even if this place becomes full of people, you’re still going to be my dear friend.

Even if lots of people I don’t know are here, you’re always going to be special to me.”

Gaius looks a little embarrassed.

He asks me why I’m saying that all of a sudden, and I say that going to the capital of Migha made me feel that way.

If more and more people come here… I think a lot of people will know me as the miko even if I don’t know who they are.

I know everyone’s names and faces now, but one day this place will probably have so many people, that I won’t remember everyone.

But even if I meet lots of people, and even if I remember lots of names, I’m sure Gaius will be special to me for the rest of my life.

“You’re always going to be special to me too.”

“That’s great!”

I respond without even thinking, because I’m so happy.

Hearing that Gaius feels the same way just kind of makes me happy, and I smile.

“Lerunda, I’m happy too, but… You’re slowly getting closer to becoming an adult woman, so I don’t think you should be saying that to a lot of people…”

“That you’re special”

“Yes, especially because you’re the miko.

There might be people who will do things we don’t really get if the miko says they’re special.

More people are looking at me like I’m special too, because I can turn into a wolf… And it makes me feel like I have to be careful with what I say and do.

I think it’s fine with people that have been with us from the start, but I think you should be a little careful with new people in the village.”

“People who will do things we don’t really get if I say they’re special Like what”

“Hum, you know… Like doing things because the miko thinks they’re special, or doing things because they say the miko likes them.

That sort of thing.”

“I see… That could turn into trouble too.”


It’s nice that we have more people here, but don’t assume there won’t be any problems.”

“Yes, but it’s all right.

I’m sure if you, me, and everyone else work hard, we can deal with it.”

Gaius has a point.

I think it’s fine to say that sort of thing to people like Gaius and Miss Lan, but I have to be careful about other people.

We take it easy while talking about this, and Mister Nirushi says ‘why is the main star sitting in a corner’.”

Gaius and I look at each other and smile, and head back to everyone.

The festival to celebrate my birthday goes on for pretty much the whole day.

People who are here for it for the first time seem surprised by that, and from what they say, it sounds like it was a nice experience for them.

And that’s how I spend my thirteenth birthday.

Girl and thirteenth birthday – Part three

(The miko has a lot of fun on her thirteenth birthday.)



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