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Chapter 368 – Girl and a letter from her sister – Part two

“I don’t think Alice, as she is now, is going to misuse whatever you give her.

I think you can just give her what you want.”

Says Miss Lan, as I think about what present to give to Alice.

There are lots of things in this village that we shouldn’t take outside, like things related to the spirit trees, or related to Doanea.

There are a few things here you wouldn’t normally get anywhere else.

Even just the fact that I formed a contract with gryphons would be very surprising from the perspective of people from other places.

Apparently that means the feathers they shed are pretty valuable.

Apparently even just leaves from spirit trees are valuable too, and can be used to make medicine.

…Miss Lan says I can give something like that to Alice, and that won’t be a problem.

As she is right now, Alice wouldn’t misuse them.

But if I keep giving her this sort of thing, it might endanger her position in Migha.

But would one leaf of a spirit tree do I want to make it so she can use it if she ever needs it.

Alice and I are finally sisters that can talk to each other, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, so I want to send her a leaf.

But that’s not all.

Maybe I should send her something to wear, or an accessory or something.

It feels like now I have too much I want to send her, but sending everything would become a problem for her too.

I have to pick what I’m going to send, but this is fun too.

And I’m going to write a letter to her.

What should I write What should I tell her Writing a letter to Alice is fun.

I bet we’re going to be sending lots of letters to each other from now on.

I think they’re all going to become like treasure to me.

I start writing my letter to Alice.

To Alice.

Thank you for your letter.

It makes me feel kind of nervous too, writing a letter to you for the first time.

The idea of receiving a letter from you feels like a dream for me too.

I never thought one day we’d be talking and calling each other by our names.

I’m happy to hear that Princess Ninaev and Mister Hicked are treating you well, and I’m happy that you’re enjoying your life there in Migha.

I see you’re working hard to help Princess Ninaev, and I’m rooting for you too.

I’m working here to make the village bigger.

Now that we have more people here, and our population is going to increase slowly, Miss Lan and the others have been talking about how to make sure they get used to living here.

I’ve been helping them do lots of things to make sure we can all get along.

But different people have different ways of thinking, so we’ve all been talking about what to adjust.

I’m happy that I’m slowly starting to get along with everyone.

I want you to come to this village one day, so I can introduce you to all the people here I like so much.

I’m really looking forward to that.

Also, do you know about prices and the value of things It’s hard to understand that sort of thing here in the village, so I want you to teach me about it if you can.

I’m sending you a couple of presents too.

One is a leaf from a spirit tree, and the other is a hair ornament made here in the village.

Use it if you like it.


I write while having Miss Lan read it to see if there aren’t any problems.

Writing a letter to Alice makes me feel kind of nervous.

I guess I’ll stop feeling this way after a few times.

Still, it’s really fun to send a letter to someone in a place far away.

I’m going to be looking forward to when the next letter comes, and it feels like I’m still connected to Alice, even though she isn’t close.

It’s also a nice way to practice writing.

Writing letters is wonderful.

Maybe if I get close to more people in other places, I’ll get more chances to write letters.

I feel like going to Migha widened my world, and got me more interested in the world outside the village.

As the village gets bigger, it’s going to become more connected to the world outside of it too.

I know not everything about it is going to be nice, but I’m sure I’m going to meet more wonderful things too.

I can’t help but look forward to that.

“Miss Lan, I know we have to make adjustments first, but I want to invite Alice to the village.”

“Yes, I think that sounds lovely.

We do have to make some adjustments between us and Migha first, but I think it’s good to slowly start doing that sort of thing.”

Miss Lan and I say to each other after I hand the letter to merchants from Vene.

I hope we can make the village an even more fun place by the time Alice comes to visit.

I know her response isn’t going to come right away, but I’m looking forward to it so much that I start asking people around me if it’s here yet.

—Girl and a letter from her sister – Part two

(The miko writes a letter to her sister.)



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