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Chapter 36 – A conversation with the woman part one

After leaving mister Athos’s house, I make my way back to my house with miss Lan.

As I was listening to the conversation, I held miss Lan’s hand tightly the whole time.

I was very relieved when she held mine too.

“Miss, Lan.”

I say when we reach the house.

I sit facing miss Lan, and she waits for me to speak.

My head is spinning, and I don’t know what to do.

Is it my fault that all of this is happening

“I’m… Probably, the miko.”

I say.

I’ve always had the vague impression that I am the miko, even if it might be wrong.

I honestly don’t care either way.

Miko or not, I am still me, and right now, I’m happy.

But now my life is changing because the miko appeared.

It might not mean much to me, but it certainly means a lot to other people.

“…Yes, I would even go as far as to remove the probably.”

“Because the miko….

Appeared, there’s trouble.”

The miko is special… I think the country that has the miko is strong, so the ones that don’t have her want to oppose it.

A special being like the miko has a lot of influence over all sorts of things.

“…If the miko, didn’t appear… The cat beast people, wouldn’t be sad”

I can’t help but think about what would have happened if there wasn’t a miko.

Would mister Nirushi’s village have been attacked if the miko didn’t appear Would they… Still be living peacefully

“…Would there, be trouble even if the miko, didn’t appear”

No one knows what will happen now that the miko appeared.

Mister Athos says he’s concerned because he doesn’t know what the country that has the miko will do.

They wouldn’t have to worry like that if the miko didn’t exist, would they If it wasn’t for the miko… The people I like so much wouldn’t have such troubled looks on their faces.

“I’m… Happy I met, everyone.

I like, everyone very much.”

I’m happy I met everyone, and I like them a lot.

Miss Lan quietly listens to what I have to say, and I continue.

“But…I’m human.”

I’m human, and a different race than the beast people.

Humans do awful things to beast people, but beast people are very kind to me.

“…And, maybe I’m, the miko.”

I’m probably not just human, but also the miko, and the source of their troubles.

“I’m happy, but… Is everyone, in trouble because, of me”

I have the gryphons, Scifo, Gaius, mister Athos, and everyone else, and I’m happy.

I got to learn what it’s like to be happy, and the warmth that is being surrounded by people I like.

They gave me a happy time that I’ve never had before.

They gave me so much, but am I giving them trouble in return Is trouble happening because I’m here

I want them to smile, and feel warm feelings.

If they get to smile… That’s all I want.


I look down, and miss Lan grabs my hand tightly.

I raise my head, and see a kind smile.

“It’s true that this is happening because the miko appeared.”


“But, this misfortune was bound to happen someday.”

Says miss Lan, after saying that what is happening now really is because the miko appeared.

“There are humans that don’t see beast people as people, and some are in the hearts of countries.

What happened this time happened because the kingdom of Fairytrof gained custody of the miko, but the same thing has happened for a variety of different reasons.

Fairytrof and Migha’s relations aren’t good in the first place, so Migha would eventually start looking for more slaves, miko or no miko.”

Miss Lan says this would have happened anyway, even if the miko didn’t appear, and it just so happened that this time it was the miko that set things in motion.

“So Lerunda…”

Miss Lan looks straight into my eyes.

“Don’t blame yourself and think that this is because of you.

Even if you really are the miko, this is all the country’s fault, not yours.

Those that enslave beast people are wrong, not you.”


“No buts, it’s not your fault.

I guarantee you it’s not your fault, so you don’t have to look so concerned.”

She squeezes my hand, and I cry a little.


“Yes, it really isn’t your fault.”

“…Can I, stay here”

“Yes, in fact, I’m sure they care a lot about you and want you to stay.”

“…Even if I, really am, the miko.”

“Yes, I’m sure of it.”

She kindly taps my back while still holding my hand.

I’m relieved.

“Thank you, for saying that.”

She let’s go of me and smiles.

—A conversation with the woman part one

(The woman answers the concerns of the girl that is probably the miko.)


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