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Chapter 357 – Cat and reunion

I’m still here, in the Kingdom of Migha.

I was surprised to see Nirushi and the others here.

Himself and the others who managed to escape are living peacefully with the girl called the miko… I’m really surprised, because I didn’t expect that at all.

Leaving Migha and living in their village…

It’s not like it doesn’t sound tempting.

I thought about it to be honest.

But that would mean leaving behind everything I’ve done here, and everything I want to do.

I get that my future would be brighter if I just left with them, but I feel like our paths diverged that day, when our village was attacked.

Today, as usual, I’m surrounded by people who don’t see Hicked Migha in a positive light.

Their power is being whittled down little by little.

I’ve given Hicked Migha evidence on some of them to crush or oust them.

Still, I can’t show my true colors.

Hicked Migha is a usurper, which I guess leads people to think he can easily be taken down too.

If he is taken away from the throne, the beast people that chose to stay here in Migha will be in big trouble.

That’s why I have to help him stay in power from the shadows.

That’s all I do… Until one day, I’m summoned by Hicked Migha.

He can’t call for me publicly, so I hear about it through that dragon person, Jelob.

When I get there… I see my mother and sister, who I’ve been looking for all this time.

“Mother! Sis!”

It’s already been four years since our village was attacked.

When I was manipulating that noble lady, and now that I’m free… All this time, I’ve been searching for them.

I did it in secret, since looking for them publicly would complicate things, but… After all this time, they’re standing in front of me.

Seeing them leaves me on the verge of tears, even though Hicked Migha is here too.

But I manage to hold it back, because I don’t want to cry in front of him.

My mother and my sister hug me, and I feel so happy.

In the meantime, Jelob explains what happened.

Their master died during the rebellion, and they lived in hiding away from villages and towns.

They stayed put there and lived quietly, because they didn’t want to get dragged into a conflict of humans.

Since they were cut off from the outside world, they had no idea the rebellion was over, and that beast people were being protected.

I’m glad nothing terrible happened to them.

I don’t know what I would’ve done if it did.

They tell me they were pretty worried when they came to the capital and were brought to the king of all people.

They were brought here in secret, surely because Hicked Migha knew I was looking for them.

It feels strange that he understands how I feel.

“Thank you so much for bringing them to me.”

I say, and both Hicked Migha and Jelob smile.

It kind of tickles to be looked at like that, but it also feels like Hicked Migha and Jelob are the only ones who understand what I’ve been doing, and are walking the same path as me.

It feels strange, but reassuring.

My mother and my sister say they want to live with me.

They say they’ve heard I’ve done all sorts of things on my own, and smile while saying we should forget about that and live together.

If it was right after I became a slave, I would’ve accepted it immediately.

My mother and my sister being safe, and the three of us living together like old times… I’m sure I would’ve been on board with it.

But I’m not the same person I was four years ago.

I’ve made up my mind, and there’s a lot I’ve been doing.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t live with you.

I’m happy that you’re safe, and that I got to see you again, but there’s still a lot I have to do.

I’ve made up my mind on this, so it’s best if people don’t know we’re family.”

I say, and they look surprised.

I was pretty much a kid when we were separated, and back then I would’ve never said something like this.

Back then, my mother and my sister just protected me.

Now my eyes must be full of determination.

My sister tries to change my mind many times, but my mother says ‘We’ll be cheering you on.

But remember Dasha, we are your family, and we will always be on your side’ with a smile.

“Boys grow up so fast when we aren’t watching.

Dasha, even if what you’re doing is dangerous, you can count on me to support you.

But let’s continue seeing each other, even if it’s in secret.

I don’t want us to stay apart now that we managed to reunite.

And if there is anything I can do to help, I want you to tell me.

I assume that’s not what you want, but… Dasha, always remember we are with you.”

My mother is such a warm person.

She says all this while smiling, even though she knows what I’ve been doing is dangerous.

A few tears stream down my face, and my sister wipes them.

I’m happy to hear all this, but I’ve already decided not to get them involved.

It’s one thing for them to agree with my ideals, but I don’t want them to actually get involved with what I do, because it’s too dangerous.

Hicked Migha has arranged for them to live here in the royal capital, where other beast people live.

I’m going to go see them from time to time, while making sure to stay out of other people’s sights.

In any case, I’m happy we got to see each other again, and get to continue smiling together.

—Cat and reunion

(The cat reunites with his family.)



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