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My Twin Sister Was Taken as a Miko and I Was Thrown Away but I’m Probably the Miko – Chapter 356 – The sister walks through the capital

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My twin sister, Lerunda, has left the Kingdom of Migha, and went back to the village where she lives.

I heard this from Princess Ninaev.

I got to talk to her, and feel for the first time that we’re real sisters.

I’m happy about that, and I even got to talk to her a few more times after that.

I’m working as Princess Ninaev’s waiting maid.

I’m still training, and a lot of people around me look at me with harsh eyes, but… Even if people look at me like that, I’m still happy that I get to support Princess Ninaev.

The King of Migha, King Hicked, seemed cold at first, but even though he heard that I was the false miko, he still smiles at me, probably because I’m close to Princess Ninaev.

Seeing how well Princess Ninaev and King Hicked get along makes my heart feel warm.

“Alice, you have the day off tomorrow.

What will you do”

“I was thinking about going out and walking around town.

Not alone, of course.”

“Yes, that sounds good.

You’re still a child, so going out on your own might invite unnecessary problems.”

Now that I think about it, Lerunda said that was her first time in a big town like this.

She also said she met many people of many different races after our parents abandoned her.

She said their goal is to make the place where she lives as big as the place where I am now, the capital of Migha.

I thought she looked dazzling when she said this.

I don’t have a big goal in mind like Lerunda.

She said it wasn’t just her goal, but still, it’s a huge goal.

My only goal is to be helpful to Princess Ninaev, so hearing Lerunda talk about having such a big goal makes me feel a little restless.

Princess Ninaev says I shouldn’t feel that way, and that I should move forward at my own pace, but I still really feel like I want to be able to do more.

◇ ◇ ◇

“You’re such a hard worker, Alice.

You’re still a child, so you can relax and have more fun.”


I still have a lot to learn!”

“Fufu, you’re so cute.

Where do you want to go today”

“Well… I want to try going to clothing stores!”

I live in a section of the royal palace, since I’m one of Princess Ninaev’s waiting maids, but I don’t have that much space to leave my things.

I’m treated just like every other waiting maid that came with Princess Ninaev to Migha.

But one day, when I’m older, am I going to stop being Princess Ninaev’s waiting maid I can’t really imagine that.

I didn’t get to walk around the capital with Lerunda this time.

In the end, she and the people that came here with her were doing it in secrecy.

But maybe I’ll get to go out with her as her village becomes less of a secret.

I’ve been saving some of the money I get for being Princess Ninaev’s waiting maid.

I buy some things here in the capital, but I can eat in the royal palace, so if I don’t waste money, I get to save it.

If the right time comes, I’d definitely like to visit Lerunda’s village too, and I want to buy her a gift with my own money next time I see her.

Meeting her gave me new goals like these, even if they’re small ones.

I walk around the capital with a waiting maid that is my senior, and we return before it gets dark.

I feel relieved, because if I just try a little to not draw attention, I don’t stand out too much, probably because there’s so many people in the capital.

In the village where Lerunda and I were born, there were so few people, we could count them.

That’s why both of us stood out in our own ways.

For me it was in a good way, and for her it was in a bad way.

I think it’s easier for me to live in a place with so many people.

Unlike the Kingdom of Fairytrof, a lot of people in the Kingdom of Migha don’t know me as the girl that was taken to the great temple and did whatever she wanted.

Information travels differently in different countries.

It’s easier to live when most people don’t know that part of my life.

But that doesn’t mean I can forget how selfish I was and the way I bossed people around.

Part of why I want to work so hard for Princess Ninaev is because I accept that fact.

And I want to find goals and slowly accomplish them.

—The sister walks through the capital

(The sister walks around the capital and thinks about her future.)


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