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Chapter 355 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part thirteen

Gaius’ wolf form has become a topic of conversation here in the capital.

Apparently it’s even more special to the beast people living here.

I know there’s murmurs that god has come down to save them.

I’m used to seeing Gaius’ silver wolf form, so to me it’s just Gaius, but… I guess that big wolf looks special to other people.

He’s heard the rumors too.

Gaius has become special among even other beast people because of my influence.

I did that.

I peek over at Gaius.

How does he feel about other people calling him a god

“It turned into a mess, didn’t it… It all happened so fast, but I’m sorry.”

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong.

If you didn’t run in your wolf form, you probably wouldn’t have made it in time.

I can just sort of feel danger, but even I didn’t know that monster was here… I guess the miko’s power really isn’t perfect.”

The miko’s power isn’t perfect.

It makes me a bit more special than other people, but that’s it.

There’s lots of things I can’t sense, and lots of things I can’t protect, but still… I’m the miko.

“Gaius… How do you feel… About people saying you’re a god”

“…I know I’m not a god or anything, and that whole thing just feels too heavy for me.”

“Yes… But the beast people that are coming to the village with us might treat you like you are.”

“The same goes to you.

If more people are coming to our village, there will probably be more and more people who treat you as the miko, and not Lerunda.”

“I’m ready for that.

But you’re able to take that wolf form because of my influence so… It’s like people are treating you like a god because of me…”

“It’s because I can turn into that wolf form that I managed to save that woman… And being in kind of the same position as you is fine too.

Even if some people might treat me like a god, you and other people I’m friendly with won’t.”

Says Gaius.

He really is forward-thinking, honest, and incredible.

He was my first friend when I was alone and it was like I didn’t exist.

He was the first one to talk about our goal to make a country where we don’t have to lose anyone too.

I think he’s really strong in the way that he always faces forward no matter what.

I keep thinking about how great that is.

“You really are great.

When our village turns into a town, and then into a country, you’re probably going to be elevated because you can turn into a wolf.

Especially if there’s lots of beast people.”

“I guess.

I’d probably do the same if someone else could turn into a wolf.

But you know… I think it’s too much for me.

But even if your position is different, you’re pretty much being elevated like that too, even more than me.

I think I can feel this way because I’m not alone.”

“Yes, I see.

I’d probably be a lot more worried if I was alone too.

I think it’s really important that we’re not alone.”

Gaius is right, it’s because I’m not alone that I can feel calm.

I understand that even more now.

Being the miko is probably going to bring a lot of trouble as our village becomes a country, and Gaius might get elevated along with me because he can turn into a wolf.

No, it’s not just me and Gaius, the same thing’s probably going to happen with the monsters and spirits contracted to me.

But even if I’m in an important position in that country, it’ll be fine if I’m not alone.

◇ ◇ ◇

The next day, I manage to speak with dragon people thanks to the spirits’ guidance.

I think they’re interested in me because two spirits are contracted to me, but also because I’m a miko of the sky god.

It’s decided that some of them will be visiting our village soon.

I don’t tell them what god is influencing me, but it looks like they can feel themselves be influenced by me.

Eventually, after lots of different experiences, and forming new connections, it’s time to go back to our village.

We weren’t here for a long time but… I think it was a really great experience.

It was my first time being in such a big place.

I managed to talk to Alice too, and make other connections… And it’s all very valuable for my future.

Still, since our time here was limited, I didn’t do everything I wanted.

But I know that the connection between our village and the Kingdom of Migha will be getting even deeper from now on.

It’s with that feeling in my heart that I leave the Kingdom of Migha with everyone else.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part thirteen

(The miko experiences many things in the Kingdom of Migha, until it’s time to leave.)



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