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Chapter 354 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part twelve

“Apparently those dragon people were involved with spirits a long time ago, and that’s why they had a spirit stone.

And that king met dragon people, gained their trust, and that’s why they allowed him to have it.

It’s honestly an amazing feat to be able to gain the trust of another race like that.”

Says Freinet.

So Mister Hicked managed to get the trust of other races by his own power.

My power as the miko makes it so it’s easier for me to get along with beings that fly, but Mister Hicked doesn’t have that sort of thing, and still managed to climb to the top.

It’s incredible.

Freinet and Wea say they want to check out the place where the dragon people live too.

I’m sure they’re really interested to learn more about a race that has a connection to spirits like them.

I feel like coming here to the Kingdom of Migha has really expanded my world and Gaius’.

It really makes me feel that this world has lots of different people.

Now that I think about it, Mister Nirushi looked like he was kind of in a bad mood after he talked to the beast people that were enslaved.

I didn’t hear a lot about it, but apparently Miss Lan and the other adults talked to him.

He wants everyone to go to our village, but if they want to stay, Mister Nirushi can’t make them go, because he knows how strongly they feel about that.

It’s hard for everyone to understand each other.

Mister Nirushi’s village was attacked by knights from Migha.

Some of the people from his village came to us, but the rest became slaves here.

Their paths diverged, so their way of thinking probably became different too.

Even if you’re together, sometimes people go down different paths.

But still, Mister Nirushi doesn’t want to give up.

He doesn’t want to stop even though he’s having a hard time with it.

But after trying many times to convince them, he says.

“…It’s tough.

They’ve already decided how they’re going to live here.

And no matter how hard it will be, no matter how much abuse they get, they’ve made up their minds.

I can’t stop them when they’re so determined.”

I hear him say.

It’s not easy to stop people when they’re so determined.

And stopping people when they’re so determined to do something is just putting a damper on their determination.

I’ve been talking to Alice from time to time.

Alice really stands out, so we only meet sometimes so she doesn’t end up drawing attention to me.

I’m a bit used to being here in Migha by now, but we’ll be going back to our village soon.

Still, I’ve had lots of experiences here in the capital of Migha that I couldn’t have had if I didn’t come.

But one day, while I’m walking around with Gaius and others, we end up going to the outskirts of the capital because we hear there’s a store with clothes for kids.

I’m feeling a bit less nervous, probably because I’m getting used to being here.

The capital is protected by the knights, so there isn’t a lot of danger.

Still that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe from trouble.

We buy kid’s clothes, and we’re on our way back to the inn, when we hear a scream.

Then we hear some sort of animal cry, and a sound that’s like something is breaking.

I get scared and look to where the noise came from, and see a monster I’ve never seen before that looks like a deer.

That monster looks ferocious, and it’s clearly hostile.

Did it break through the wall surrounding the capital

That monster is attacking one of the beast people that lives here.

She’s one of the slaves that Mister Hicked liberated when he became king.

She’s fallen back, and the monster is standing right in front of her.

Gaius moves before I do.

He transforms into a wolf, rushes towards the deer monster, and kills it.

I’m sure he reacted without even stopping to think, but if he ran in his normal form, he wouldn’t have made it in time to save her.

Of course, Gaius’ wolf form draws attention, so people start gathering.

We hurry to call Gaius back, go somewhere without any people so he can turn back into his normal form, and run back to the inn.

Apparently it’s rare for a monster to enter the capital.

It’s not like it never happened before, but only a few times.

There’s a lot of commotion about it, but people are talking more about Gaius’ wolf form.

I hear the beast person he saved says she was saved by god.

Now that I think about it, when Gaius first became able to turn into a wolf, I heard that the ancestors of beast people used to be able to transform into beast forms at will.

I guess for that woman, someone like Gaius who can transform into a big wolf is kind of like a god.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part twelve

(A monster appears before the miko, and a beast woman sees the boy’s wolf form.)



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