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Chapter 350 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part eight

“See you later Alice.”

“See you, Lerunda.

You’re coming to the capital again sometime, right”


If I can come see you again, I will.

And go see me too.”

“…In your village Sure, if I can go there, I will.”

We say, after talking a lot.

She looks a little unsure when I invite her to our village, but after looking at Princess Ninaev and looking back at me, she says she wants to go if she can.

“I really want you to come.

We’re twins, but there’s lots we don’t know about each other, so I want you to know how I live now.

Today I learned a little about how you live, but I still don’t know everything.

Can we write letters”


I… Want to know more about you too, and I want you to learn more about me.

Sure, we can write letters.”

“Yes, then let’s do it.

Fufu, it feels kind of weird.”

“I agree, but I’m happy.”


We say as we smile at each other, and say goodbye for today.

We talked for way longer than I expected.

By the time we meet with Mister Nirushi and the others, it’s completely dark.

We exit the castle and go back to the inn, while trying not to draw attention as always.

It sounds like everything went well when they went to see the beast people living here.

There were people Mister Nirushi knows too.

He looks happy about seeing his friends again.

I can see it in his face that he cried.

“How was it Lerunda Talking to your sister.”

“It was fun.

We’re family, but it was the first time we talked.

Still, Alice has felt special to me for as long as I can remember.”

Asks Gaius, and I answer.

Yes, even after everything that happened, Alice still feels special.

I never saw her as family, but she was still someone I couldn’t help but be aware of.

We talked, called each other by our names, and I feel like we’re finally becoming real sisters.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but I’m happy.

“That’s great.”


The people I like so much all feel like family to me, like you and the others, and Reimar and the other gryphons.

Talking to Alice today makes me feel like my family’s grown… We were technically already family, but now it feels real.

Yes, I’m really happy.”

Yes, I’m just happy.

I talked to Alice, we call each other by our names now, we can laugh together, we’ll write to each other, and promised to see each other again..

It’s only when I get back to the inn that I really realize how happy this makes me feel.

Talking to Alice feels like a dream.

But we did talk, and we promised to talk again.

“I want to talk to your sister too if I ever meet her.”

“Yes, we’ll talk together next time.

I want her to come to the village too, and be closer with her.

And I want to get along with people close to her.”

I say, and Gaius smiles.

“You should do what you want to do with someone right when you want to.

You’re finally talking to your sister, so make sure you don’t have any regrets.”


We lost someone important.

It happened all of a sudden, completely unexpected.

These things happen.

That’s why we say that.

“Tell me if you want to do something too.

I’ll help.”


I guess for now we need to help the people coming to the village get used to living there.”

“Fufu, yes.

Lots of stuff might happen now that we’ll have more people there.

Even stuff we don’t expect.

But I still want us to get along.”


Me too.”

Who knows what might happen as the population of the village increases

Still, I’m sure we all want to get along.

“But that’s something to think about when we return to the village.

We’re still here, so who knows if we won’t have any problems”

“That’s true.

We’re still here in Migha.”

I met Mister Hicked and talked to Alice, so I feel like all my goals were accomplished.

But we’re still in the capital of Migha.

What will happen while we’re here

I’m sure we’ll have lots of experiences we can’t have in the village.

Thinking about that makes it feel like it’ll be fun, so Gaius and I laugh.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part eight

(The miko made a promise with her sister to meet again, and happily smiles.)



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