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Chapter 35 – The princess in a remote region

“Princess Ninaev.”

“This way princess.”

I, Ninaev Fairy, am in a remote land named Ananaro, one of three towns connecting the kingdom of Fairytrof and the kingdom of Migha, as the rest of the border is nothing but vast forests.

Many monsters call these vast untamed forests their home.

I have never visited this town positioned in the very edge of the kingdom of Fairytrof.

The relationship between the two bordering kingdoms cannot be said to be good or bad, but there is definitely a chance that something might happen that causes this fragile balance to collapse.

…The kingdom of Fairytrof getting a hold of the miko is more than enough to fear that the balance will be destroyed.

The kingdom of Migha has no reason to assume that there will not be aggression from the kingdom of Fairytrof, now that they have the miko.

There is a very real possibility that war may break out, but even without it, there is a chance that the country will be destroyed on its own.

The temple does whatever the miko wishes, and even royalty fears the miko, so no one can stop her from doing what she wants.

To be quite honest, if war does break out, Ananaro will probably become a battlefield, and I need to prepare for that possibility.

I am still only ten years old, so I do not know how much I can do, but I am still royalty, and I want to protect the people of this kingdom.

I also believe that if worst comes to worst and this country falls, the miko must be protected.

It is true that a lot is happening because of the miko, but she is still younger and smaller than me.

Putting aside the fact that she is the miko, she is but a powerless little girl.

Her arrogant attitude can be blamed on the life she led in the village where she was raised, and the way the temple listens to whatever she has to say.

Also, no one will talk back to her for fear of her power.

It will probably be easy to place blame on a specific person.

If this country really is ruined, many will blame the miko.

The populace rejoiced when the miko was brought into the temple, and welcomed the beautiful miko with open arms, but what will happen if she becomes the cause of a war

…It is because of this that I want to make sure responsibility does not fall completely on the miko if the worst case scenario happens, though I do not know how much I can do.

I am still ten years old, a child, and the miko is three years younger than I.

“How do you do”

For that reason, I need more allies here in Ananaro.

Only one of my maids in waiting followed me here.

I was discarded, so I have no value aside from my standing as a princess, but having someone by my side is reassuring.

Having someone I can trust and confide in goes a long way towards making me feel more at ease.

…The miko probably has no such people with her.

People around her do nothing but agree with everything she says, and no one will raise any objections, even for her own good.

This is very sad.

“Princess Nina, you have been working for days without rest.

Are you alright”

“Yes, I am fine.”

I have been doing anything I can since arriving in this remote region.

I have been staying in the mansion of the lord of Ananaro, but as far as the people of this land are concerned, I am nothing more than a burden thrust upon them, so it is no wonder I am treated like a tumor.

It is precisely because of this that I must work hard to be accepted.

I have to earn their trust in order to create a place I can call my own, and I have no time to rest.

If I have time to rest, I have time to do something.


“You say you’re alright… But you’re not, are you You’re still ten years old, so you don’t have to work so hard.

I’m worried, so please take a break.”

Says Hondetta, my maid in waiting.

I have more maids in waiting, sent from the lord’s mansion, but Hondetta is the one that is usually by my side.

To be honest, I do not know if I can gain allies.

It is not something I wish to think about a lot, but there is always the possibility that I may be assassinated.

People who are fanatically pro-miko may want to have me killed.

The lord of Ananaro is not such a person, in fact, he seems to want to protect me.

Perhaps my father took that into consideration when he sent me here.

If that is the case, and he possesses even just a little fatherly love, that would certainly make me happy.

Well, maybe he was motivated only by how much of a hassle my death would be for him.



Princess Nina, you’re pushing yourself too far.

I am truly concerned that you may collapse at any moment.”

The way she looks at me, concerned from the bottom of her heart, makes me want to do as she says and rest.

“Thank you for worrying.

Those feelings make me really happy.”

Having someone that worries about me is enough to make me feel warm.

Having Hondetta with me is what allows me to do my best in this land.

“Hondetta, I will rest a little so… Wake me up when it is time.”


I set off into dreamland, as I hear her energetic voice.

—The princess in a remote region

(The fifth princess takes action in a remote region.)


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