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Chapter 347 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part five


I let out a quiet noise without thinking, at the sight of the place that opens up as we move forward.

The inside of the castle is so shiny.

I’ve never seen a place that feels so grand.

The hallways are wide, and even the floor looks like it’s made from a material I’ve never seen.

Each step I take makes a knocking noise.

I only know small villages, so the world I know is small… That’s why I can’t stay composed in such a big and shiny place.

We walk where we’re guided, until we reach a certain room.

We didn’t see anyone on the way here, so I guess they’ve gone out of their way to pick a place with as few people as possible.

In this room, there’s someone old enough to be called a young man.

I’ve seen him one time before, but he’s pretty.

His beautiful silver hair sparkles, and his yellow eyes are looking at us.

…No, I feel like he’s looking straight at me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Hicked Migha.”

He says, and I look at Gaius.

And then, he gets up from his chair, walks over to us, and lowers his head.

I didn’t expect that.

“I’m sorry about what happened that time.”

We know exactly what he’s talking about.

It’s about Mister Athos, and probably what happened to Mister Nirushi’s village too.

I don’t know how to respond to him lowering his head.

Gaius is just looking at him too, not moving or saying a word.

Mister Jelob and Miss Lan see we don’t know how to react, and start talking.


I really don’t think a king should lower his head so casually.”


Lerunda and Gaius are perplexed too.

Judging by what the knights and beast people who came from Migha said, you are taking action to change the Kingdom of Migha, so can you please raise your head”

Mister Hicked Migha then raises his head, and looks at Miss Lan.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Landouno Stoffer.

For a time, I was the educator of the girl thought to be the miko, Alice.

We are very grateful to you for giving us some of your time.”

“Yes, Nina has told me about you.

Alice was curious about you as well.

What I’ve done is worthy of hatred, and it would be understandable if I was killed for it… So I am the one who should thank you for your time.”

Mister Hicked talked to my sister.

That fact feels weird, probably because I’ve never talked to her…

“I have no intention of asking for forgiveness, and I understand if you don’t forgive me, but I can’t die yet.

You can kill me after I stabilize the Kingdom of Migha and have a successor, but I ask that you wait until then.”

“…No one’s thinking of killing you.

My father really was killed because of you, but… That won’t bring him back.”

“Yes, Gaius is right.

Killing you wouldn’t change anything.

In fact, if you’re trying to change this country, it’d be a problem if you died.”

Say Gaius and Mister Nirushi.

Gaius really is great.

When Mister Athos died, he cried and was really sad, but said his objective was to create a country.

And when the knights came, he said he felt a lot of hatred and wanted to kill them.

But he said he’s not thinking about killing him.

Just saying that, shows how strong Gaius is.

I’ve been thinking he’s great since we first met.

Mister Nirushi was filled with hatred towards humans too, when I first met him.

But he changed with time, and can say this now.

“…I see, then I will make sure that I live a long time and keep improving this country.

I want to build a good relationship with you, and make this an easier place for other races to live in.

Of course, the same goes for the citizens of Migha.

It might be difficult for different cultures to see eye to eye… But I swear I will make this into that sort of country.”

Hearing this, makes me realize this king is thinking the same thing we are.

Gaius and I vowed to create a country where everyone can feel at peace too.

Realizing this makes me feel closer to him.

Mister Nirushi and the others nod.

We talk with Mister Hicked Migha about taking beast people that want to go back with us to the village.

Then we tell him the general area where our village is, and he promises to help if any problem comes up.

Mister Sadda, Mister Nirushi, Miss Lan, and others talk about lots of things.

It sounds like after we leave, Mister Nirushi and the others are going to see the people taken by Migha.

I tell Mister Hicked I want to see my sister, and he says he’ll arrange for us to meet, so that’s where I’ll be going.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part five

(The miko and her group talk to the King of Migha.)



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