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Chapter 346 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part four

“Are you… The ones he talked about”

We left the inn to go meet with the King of Migha, Hicked Migha.

Not everyone is here, because it would draw way too much attention if we all went to see the king.

The people going are me, Miss Lan, Mister Sadda, Gaius, Freinet, Wea, Mister Nirushi, and Mister Todgha, who is one of Phyto’s people.

A few more people accompany us on the way there just in case.

Mister Sadda takes us to the appointed place, where a man with a strange aura about him is waiting.

Are those scales on his hands and legs It looks like they are.

This air around him isn’t bad or anything but… Is he a different race As I think about this, I end up staring at him.

“…Is this child the miko he talked about”

He says while looking straight at me.

His eyes feel a bit harsh, but… I don’t get a bad feeling about him, so I’m sure he doesn’t see me as an enemy.

Gaius and the others look at him with caution, but I say it’s all right to try to get them to relax.

“…Yes, I’m the miko.

And you You feel like Mister Douroean… Like a dragon.”

“So the miko has met the dragon… Yes, we are what is commonly called the dragon race.

We have inherited the dragon’s blood, but I have never met him… You are strange, miko.

You get along with other races, and I get an odd feeling just looking at you.”

“…I’ve been told I influence dragons too, so that’s probably it.”

“Hou… I see, so that’s what I’m feeling.”

The dragon man sounds very interested, and nods.

It doesn’t look like he has a problem with being influenced by me.

He just nods.

We hear the dragon man… Mister Jelob, as we walk towards the castle.

Apparently there are lots of hidden paths to the castle, and we’re using one of them.

He tells us about when he met the king, Hicked Migha.

A dragon person was captured by one of Hicked Migha’s brothers, who has since died.

That led to Mister Jelob making a connection with Hicked Migha, and he joined him in making the rebellion in this country a success.

The country looks a lot calmer now than what he describes.

It’s thanks to them that the Kingdom of Migha is like this now.

With a lot of determination and a purpose in mind, he made the rebellion a success and became king.

…I remember him.

He’s the one I saw when I jumped in front of Gaius to protect him.

He’s just a little older than me, but he did something really big, and became king.

Thinking about him now, I realize I really don’t hate him.

He’s the reason why we lost Mister Athos, but he didn’t purposefully set out to kill him.

I think a lot of causes piled on top of the other to lead to that result.

But if Gaius and the others hate him, I can understand that too.

Maybe it’s because I’m the miko, or maybe that’s just how I am, but I don’t really feel that sort of emotion.

But people are different, so other people can feel that way.

Gaius’ hands are trembling a little, and his face looks serious.

I grab his hand.

I’m sure lots of things are going through his mind.

He looks my way, I nod, and he laughs.

Seeing him laugh makes me feel a little more at ease.

“…Lerunda, I would like us to meet the dragon as well.

Can you grant us that opportunity”

“Yes, but I’d have to ask Mister Douroean first.”

I say in response to what Mister Jelob suddenly says.

It makes sense that dragon people would be interested in a dragon like Mister Douroean.

I feel like they’re a lot like the winged people when it comes to that, even if lots of other things are different.

Still, I never knew about a race of people called dragon people.

Where do they live I’m sure there’s still lots of races in this world that I don’t know about.

“This person has some relation to spirits… No, not just this person, could this person’s race be slightly involved with spirits”

“But he can’t see us, so I can’t imagine it’s a deep connection.

Still, even if they can’t see us, they might cherish spirits.”

Say Wea and Freinet while sitting on the heads of Gaius and me.

I guess there’s some connection between dragon people and spirits.

What kind of connection is that

I think about this as I walk through the path to the castle Mister Jelob is showing us, until we finally reach our destination.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part four

(The miko meets a dragon person and is taken to the king.)


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