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Chapter 345 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part three

The capital of Migha.

There are so many buildings lined-up here.

We were checked by soldiers before we could enter, probably just because this is such a big city.

But since Mister Sadda and his people, who belong to a big company, vouched for us, we managed to enter without a problem.

Miss Lan says the Vene company carries a certain amount of trust, both here in Migha and in Fairytrof, and that’s how Mister Sadda and the others can get here so easily.

And apparently the last time they were here, the king called Hicked Migha made it so it’s easier to get inside the capital.

“Lerunda, it seems Alice is also here in the capital.”

“…I see.”

Mister Sadda tells me something he heard from people here in the capital.

We first heard that my sister would be coming to this country soon when the people who went to Migha returned to the village.

So she’s already here… That gives me a weird feeling.

We’re staying in an inn here in the capital too.

Of course, Mister Sadda arranged it for us.

Also… There aren’t just humans here in the capital… And it looks like other races have proper lives here.

It looked like Mister Nirushi was about to jump out, but Miss Lan stopped him.

Maybe he saw beast people he knows.

But of course, we can’t cause a commotion here in the capital, so they’ll probably have to wait a little longer to talk.

According to the people from Vene, people from the Kingdom of Migha don’t want us to stand out either.

“Gaius… There’s a lot of people here.”

“Yes… It’s hard to relax with so many people around.”

Gaius and I peek at the city from the inn’s room.

Of course, we make sure Gaius’ ears can’t be seen even when we’re here.

We’ve been told that just having beast people here in this inn might draw attention.

Lots of people are walking around here in the capital.

There’s lots of stores too.

We only have one in our village, but when there’s so many people, there’s lots of buildings too.

It all feels weird.

Also, in the innermost part of the capital, there’s a pure white castle that’s so high, it can be seen from anywhere in the capital.

There are lots of big buildings here that are different from anything I’ve seen before, but the castle is even bigger.

It feels so weird to think that people live in a building that big.

One day, when our village turns into a country, will it have a castle too

“Mister Sadda and the others said they’ve arranged for us to have a meeting, but… I kind of feel nervous.”


I notice that Gaius is talking less than usual.

Gaius has feelings of deep hatred in his heart, and so does Mister Nirushi.

Even an adult like Mister Nirushi can feel that way, and Gaius has been feeling that for a long time.

It’s probably something that can be solved with time, but it’s not a simple problem.


I grab Gaius’ hand.

“It’s all right.

I’m here, and Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi too.

We’re all here together.”

“Haha… You’re right.

Lerunda… You’re going to see your sister, right Are you all right”

“Yes, I’m fine.

I’m excited about seeing her, but I’m calm too.”

I feel confident that the Kingdom of Migha itself isn’t an enemy, because I don’t get a bad feeling from it at all.

Of course, that doesn’t mean nothing will happen while we’re here.

Thinking about this makes me feel a little uneasy, but I think it will be fine as long as I don’t really have a bad feeling.

“Our goal here is to meet the king, and bring the captured beast people to our village, so this is probably not going to happen soon, but… I think it’d be great if we could come here more often, and be able to walk around more freely.”

“I agree.

I think it’d be fun to take our time walking around here.

It’s not like I have nothing but good feelings towards the people here, but the capital is pretty… We’re just here to fulfill that goal, and drawing attention could complicate things, so it’s hard to walk around and see this place, but I want to come here and really see the city one day.”

Gaius and I talk.

Hicked Migha knows about our village, and Miss Lan and the others don’t see a problem with that.

Still, things could get complicated if the whole country found out.

That’s why we have to be so careful.

That said, we might be able to one day get along with people here well enough that we can walk around in the capital freely.

I feel like by being here now, we’re one step closer to that future that was unthinkable not too long ago.

We take it easy and talk for a while, until Mister Sadda says everything is ready, and it’s time to meet the king.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part three

(The miko takes it easy in an inn in the Kingdom of Migha.)



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