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Chapter 344 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

We’re heading to the capital, and we’re passing by a few villages and towns along the way.

I… Or more importantly, beast people like Mister Nirushi must have a lot on their minds as they see this.

For us, people from Migha were always scary.

We heard lots of people were saying bad things about beast people in villages, but as we get closer to the capital, that sort of thing has been changing.

Still, a lot of people in Migha still feel that way about beast people, because it’s been etched into their minds for such a long time.

But still, thanks to Hicked Migha’s efforts, the closer we get to the capital, the less people have negative emotions towards beast people.

Mister Nirushi and the others are using hoods to hide the fact that they’re beast people.

Surprisingly, no one notices even in towns with lots of people.

Maybe it’s actually because there’s so many people.

A lot of people of different races who were enslaved until recently are now free too, so there’s a chance that people here just aren’t surprised to see beast people.

It’s usually humans like Miss Lan and I who do things outside in towns.

Also, in a big town like this, everyone uses money.

Mister Sadda got some money for us.

“Hello young lady.

This here is good.”

Someone says to me, and I buy meat on a skewer.

I try it, and smile, because it’s good and I’ve never tasted something like this.

The man that sold it to me smiles too.

Smiling kindly, treating small children nicely… I don’t feel any hostility in his expression.

Miss Lan and I walk around town, as a way to gather information too, and what we see is very peaceful.

There was a rebellion here not too long ago that caused a lot of damage, and it looks like people are anxious about that sort of thing happening even more.

“The current king is scary.

He did anything necessary in order to secure the throne, but… If he didn’t I’m sure this kingdom would be in a worse place.”

“And it sounds like life is easier with this new king too.”

Miss Lan and I have been hearing that from people here.

They’re scared of the new king, but their lives are actually easier than before.

Of course, that’s not all people have to say.

Freinet and Wea left with us, and they’ve been hearing rumors.

Some people say Hicked Migha stole the throne, and that they don’t recognize him as king.

This country looks calm, like it got itself a nice moment of peace, but I don’t think it really is calm at all.

…Is our village going to face the same problems as it becomes a country

People smile gently.

People go about their daily lives like usual.

They’re people just living their lives, who didn’t threaten beast people directly.

Even if they look down on other races, they’re just regular people without the drive or power to enslave others.

…The people of the country we ran away from are just people.

We can laugh together and talk to each other.

The Kingdom of Migha drove people of other races into a corner, but that’s actually just one side of the country.

Being here really makes me feel that.

I think the more people there are, the more different ways of thinking there are too, and different ways people act on their thoughts.

“…I tried going outside for a bit.”

“How was it”

Apparently Mister Nirushi and the others went out while hiding under their hoods.

It’s a big town, so it doesn’t sound like they draw too much attention here.

Mister Nirushi talks to Miss Lan about it.

It sounds like he has a lot on his mind after going out.

By the way, we are in an inn here in town.

We have a lot of people with us, but Mister Sadda rented a few big rooms.

I’ve never been to a place like this, so it was really fun seeing a room in an inn for the first time.

We’re all gathered in one of these big rooms, but some of Mister Sadda’s people aren’t back yet.

“…People are just living their lives like normal here in Migha.

My village was attacked by Migha and people were enslaved by them, so I honestly hate this country.

But people like the knights who were ordered by Hicked Migha to deliver beast people to the village and the people of this town are living people like everyone else.

They smile and laugh like everyone else.

I thought the people who attacked our village were all heartless monsters, but I guess not all of them are.”

“Do you have mixed feelings about them”

“Yes… I can’t really describe it.

It’s not like I feel like I can’t forgive Migha either, but dealing with these people directly is making the way I feel deep inside change…”

“That’s to be expected.

And the way we feel might change even more after we meet the king.”

Say Mister Nirushi and Miss Lan.

Talking to people of this town in Migha is giving him a lot to think about.

I’m sure the same way I feel different feelings about talking to new people, Mister Nirushi and the others feel differently too.

I think that’s the sort of thing that changes the future too.

This sort of thing is on my mind when I talk to people in towns, and after going through a few places, we reach the capital.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

(The miko talks to people in the Kingdom of Migha, and feels many different things, before finally reaching the capital.)



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