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Chapter 341 – Girl and the road to the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

“…It feels weird.”

“What does”

“We came here because we were running away from the Kingdom of Migha, but now we’re going there.”

Gaius and I talk, as we walk side by side.

I start to feel weird as we calmly walk towards Migha.

We were desperate when we ran away from Migha.

Mister Athos died, and we headed south while feeling anxiety about our future and despair.

But now, we’re heading to the Kingdom of Migha, and our mood is very light.

We ran because the King of Migha enslaved everyone who wasn’t human.

We never thought we’d be going to Migha, but now, we can because that prince Hicked Migha became king.

It feels weird.


I… Never thought I’d be going to the country that caused my father to die.”

“Gaius… Are you all right”

“Yes, I’m fine.

It’s not like I don’t feel any hatred anymore, but… I started feeling better after having mock-battles with Mister Sadnid and the others.

But I don’t know what will happen when I see that king.

If I let my emotions take over me, stop me.”


“What about you Are you all right You’re going to see your sister, right”

“Yes… Probably.

I’m fine.

I’m getting a little nervous thinking about how my sister might feel about me, but I still want to talk to her.”

What kind of impression does she have of me

What does she think of me

I’m a little worried because I don’t know that, but I’m more excited than worried.

Unlike when we were running away from Migha, our pace is pretty soft.

Mister Sadda is coming with us, and he made marks when he came from Migha that only he and the people that came from Migha with him understand.

They show us the way there, and that plays a part in making us feel at ease.

“The Kingdom of Migha… I have never been there.

I can’t wait to see what it’s like.”

“I’m also looking forward to it, since I’ve never seen a country of humans.”

Wea and Freinet are having fun talking too.

This time, only one elf is coming along.

An elf called Miss Suji who is good at mixing medicine.

She says she wants to learn more about medicine in the kingdom of humans.

Her ears are pointy, so it’s obvious she isn’t human.

That alone will make her stand out in the Kingdom of Migha.

…I feel like I want to try talking to the king called Hicked Migha too.

But I don’t want people to know I’m the miko, because that would cause problems.

I hope our visit to Migha can end without any fuss.

As for beast people, we have Gaius here, but also Mister Nirushi and another cat beast person.

Then we have humans like Miss Lan and Mister Sadda, and a few of Phyto’s people.

We keep walking while taking breaks along the way.

Back when we were running away, I didn’t really look at the forest around us, so I’m having fun doing that now.

I walk while talking to Gaius and the spirits.

The spirits keep watch for us at night, so we manage to sleep relatively peacefully.

Of course, we take turns keeping watch too, but it’s easier thanks to the spirits.

On the way, we pass by the village where we met Mister Sileva and the others.

The place where the monster was feels weird.

I guess magic energy there is still stagnant.

Freinet and Wea look like they really don’t like it.

Apparently this forest recovers quickly thanks to Mister Douroean’s purification, and the monster miko that existed a long time ago.

Still, the magic energy that the monster distorted on purpose isn’t back to normal yet.

I peek towards where the monster was, and see there’s pretty much no life there.

I guess that’s just how hard it is to live there.

Thinking about that time when we beat the monster gives me a weird feeling.

…If we didn’t cooperate with the elves and killed that monster, we wouldn’t be friends with Mister Sileva and the others.

We reached where we are now because coincidences like that kept piling up.

Is this place going to be purified when I’m older Or is that going to happen after I’m dead I want to see what this place looks like when it’s healed.

We rest where the elven village used to be.

It kind of feels nostalgic.

We moved to where we live now to plant the spirit tree that was here.

Walking to the Kingdom of Migha is bringing back memories of what happened before we made the village where we live now.

—Girl and the road to the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

(The miko thinks back to how she got where she is on the road to the Kingdom of Migha.)


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