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Chapter 332 – Girl and making a lake – Part two

Where should we make it”

“Hm… Yes, if we are going to make a lake, we need to carefully consider its location.”

It’s been decided that we’re going to make a lake just like Wea wants.

But we’re still talking about where in the village it’s going to be.

The spirits all said they want to help Wea too.

The wind and earth spirits welcome Wea’s presence here.

They see each other as fellow spirits even if their attributes are different.

But that in itself doesn’t mean strong-willed spirits are going to see eye to eye.

That’s why I’m happy that Freinet and Wea are getting along.

Where should the lake be Should it be near the spirit tree that’s already here I think it should be where you can see it from the square.

Still, we have to dig pretty deep to make a lake, don’t we What kind of environment is good for a water spirit tree to grow

If I pray to the water spirit tree, will it grow more too

“Wea, where do you want to make the lake”

“Any place is fine.

I’m happy enough just because I get to plant a water spirit tree.

I’m happy that you’re going through all this effort even though I’m the only water spirit here.”

Wea says with a smile.

She says she’s happy about just being able to plant a water spirit tree, but I want to make her even happier.

After all, we formed a contract, and she’s staying with me.

“Miss Wea is a spirit, so for her sake, I think we really should set it up in the center of the village.

It will be splendid to see two spirit trees in one place.”


The view will be wonderful too.”

“And above all else, we want you to be happy.”

Everyone shares my feelings, so we’re going to make the lake in the center of the village.

It’s pretty exciting.

I’ve never done something like this before.

“What kind of lake do you want to make, Wea”

“Well, one with considerable depth and width would be nice.

If it’s deep, it will be more comfortable for me, and maybe other water spirits will gather here too.”

Wea wants it to be deep and wide.

We can’t swim in the river because there might be dangerous monsters there, so playing in the water is difficult.

But we might be able to swim in the lake we make in the village.

I’ve never swam before, so I’d have to practice first, but it sounds fun.

The lake is for the spirit tree, but it might have other uses too.

There aren’t that many people living in this village, and thankfully we have space for the lake.

We can make it right in front of the spirit tree that’s already here and plant the new one there.

Everyone in the village is helping.

Mister Ilma is excited about it too.

He said ‘making a lake for the spirits!! You can most certainly count me in!!’.

Still, it’s not like he can use special magic or anything, and he’s not very physically strong.

But still, it’s the thought that counts.

The ones working the hardest are the elves.

They are digging a big hole with the help of spirits, and I’m using my magic to help too.

“It’s so much fun, because I’ve never seen a lake being made like this.

I want it to be a really wonderful lake!!”

Freinet is excited too.

She keeps flying around me with a smile on her face.

Wea looks at her, and also quietly smiles.

Wea is really happy too.

She was in those ruins withering away by herself for so long, but now everyone here is helping her.

But I think that’s natural.

I wouldn’t have the resolve to wither by myself like she was, but she had the strong resolve to decide to stay there by herself.

It’s weird to think that if I didn’t just happen to go to the ruins, Wea wouldn’t be here.

It’s coincidence on top of coincidence.

But I’m glad it happened.

We manage to dig pretty deep, and we have to make walls with dirt that will stay here until we fill the hole with water, because it’d be terrible if someone fell.

A few days later, we fill the hole.

Seeing this clear water filling the hole makes me happy.

Wea is going to plant the sheltering tree there in the middle.

She hovers above the lake we made as she plants the spirit tree’s sheltering tree.

The spirit tree begins to shine, and I go there too with my magic wings and offer a prayer.

—Girl and making a lake – Part two

(The miko makes a lake and plants a spirit tree.)



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