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Chapter 319 – Girl and fire – Part three

We go see everyone, while Mister Nirushi is still holding me, and they ask me if I’m all right.

I’m happy that they worry about me like this.

The fact that they care about me really warms my heart.

“Are you feeling better”

“Yes, I’m better.”

Gaius asks, and I respond.

Mister Nirushi puts me down, and I sit on a chair.

Gaius and Kayu approach me and ask questions.

“You caused that rain, didn’t you That was great.

How did you do it”

“That’s that power to control the weather you talked about, right It must use a lot of magic energy if it made you collapse like that.

I’ve been talking to them about this power to control the weather for a while.

They look really intrigued by it.

How did I do it… I prayed to god.

Mister Douroean said I have the divine protection of the sky god, so I prayed to the god that’s watching over me.

And then it rained.

“I prayed and it rained.

I prayed while thinking about wanting the fire to go out… And then it started raining, so I think praying is the key.

But apparently it doesn’t just happen, I have to spend magic energy too.”

“But there has to be something else.

The weather didn’t change before when you prayed a little.”

“Hn… Maybe I wasn’t really serious back then… Maybe my prayers are heard when I really need it.”

I don’t know what standard god uses, but I guess god doesn’t answer every prayer.

God watches over me and only helps from time to time.

I guess god understands if I really need help or not.

The place where the fire was burning didn’t even retain its shape, so it’s going to have to be rebuilt.

If only I managed to put it out before it burned so much… It makes me a little sad.

“Why do you look sad Be proud.”

Mister Nirushi notices I’m sad, and says this while putting his hand on my head.


You stopped the fire, so don’t start thinking about how you should have done it sooner.”

“We are very thankful that you put out the fire in the first place.”

People say.

They’re right.

I keep thinking about how there must have been more I could’ve done, and how I could’ve put the fire out sooner.

But that’s not true.

I always think about how maybe I can do more because I’m the miko, but I’m still a kid, so it’s not like I can do everything.

I really get this feeling now.

There are things I can do, and things I can’t do.

Miss Lan teaches me lots of things, and she told me about how a lot of times people tried to use miko and relied on them too much.

That’s why she also said ‘people who see you as Lerunda are important, so treasure them’.

Her words pass through my mind.

I haven’t really met that many people that tried to use me or relied on me too much, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

It’s just lucky that I haven’t come across them.

I’m probably going to have to deal with them someday.

That makes me realize even more how fortunate I am to have people that are worried about me just because I’m me.


I did my best.”

So I accept what they say.

I did what I could, so I can be proud and not sad.

I accept that I did my best, and smile.

“But try not to faint next time.”

“You really worried us.”

They say I shouldn’t push myself so much because they get worried.

Next time I pray to god like this, I’ll keep what Miss Lan said about range in mind, so I don’t worry everyone.

There’s still so much I don’t know about my power, but I’m going to try to learn more about myself.

I’m sure that will help me in the future.

I look outside through the window, and see it’s still raining.

I called this rain, but… It’s still falling.

It’s the rain I called…

It keeps raining for a while, and when it finally stops, I go to the altar.

God, thank you for sending the rain.

Thank you for always watching over me.

I hope my gratitude reaches god.

I have to make sure not to forget this gratitude too.

—Girl and fire – Part three

(The miko offers her feelings of gratitude to god.)


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