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Chapter 313 – Girl and the return of the educator – Part one

“Lerunda, the playground is coming along nicely.”


Says Kayu, and I nod with a smile.

Kayu proposed we make a kid’s playground, and Mister Dongu and Mister Sileva were happy to give us permission.

There’s an empty area a little far from the square, so that’s where we’re making it.

We kids are leading this project.

We figure we should make it according to kids’ free imagination, so we’re doing all the thinking.

I’ve been helping with my magic.

Taking part in this is fun.

I cut trees and change their shape, and things like that.

It sounds easy to do this with magic, but making minor adjustments is hard.

But the more I use magic like this, the better I’m becoming.

Magic is powerful, so there are awful ways to use it too, like how I could hurt someone if I really wanted to.

That’s why Freinet also says it’s important to be able to adjust it like this.

“This tree tunnel is fun.”


I used magic to carve the inside of a tree to make a tunnel.

I want it to be a stepping stone to make the labyrinth.

Carrying big trees is harder than cutting them.

I can do it with magic if I really try, but I have to rest on the way.

People offer to help, but I want to try doing it on my own while I’m at it.

I want to really put this labyrinth together, but I’m told we need to plan this out better.

Apparently Dandonga and Shinomi are drawing a map on paper.

They like this wooden tunnel too.

I try going through it, and it’s fun, but it’s too long and dark, so it’s kind of scary.

“It’s too dark and long, and scary.”

“Then if we’re going to make the labyrinth long we need to make sure it has light! I want to make a fun playground, not scare anyone!!”


We want everyone to have fun.”

“But… I think it sounds fun to have something that’s supposed to be scary, if that’s what people want!!”

“…That doesn’t sound fun.”

Kayu says having something to scare people on purpose sounds fun, but it doesn’t really sound fun to me.

But I guess other people could think it’s fun.

Yes, if that’s what Kayu wants to do, I’ll probably help.

But if I think it’s scary, I probably won’t go in…

What I really want to do is make Miss Lan surprised that we made this.

Miss Lan… She’s not back yet.

When is she coming back I’m honestly nervous about it… I pray for her safe return in the altar every day.


“Lerunda, what are you doing today”

“Hm… I’m thinking about doing sword training with everyone.

I’m not getting as good with it as I am with magic, but I want to do better.”

“I see.

Then I’m going to the forest for a bit.”

Freinet says she’s going to the forest if I’m going to train with the sword.

She does that a lot, wandering into the forest like that.

Freinet is a wind spirit, so she likes places full of nature where the wind feels nice.

She heads to the forest and wanders around freely.

I get a little worried about her being alone out there, but it’s less dangerous for a spirit than for a human like me.

People can’t even see her unless she shows herself.

I’m training with the sword, but Gaius, Kayu, and the others have more refined movements than me.

I want to handle it better, but it’s not easy.


After swinging a sword for a while, I sit down on grass and take a deep breath.

It’s hard to do new things, but I get happy when I’m finally able to do them… I’m trying really hard to feel that happiness.

I think about this for a while, until Freinet comes back.


Landouno is back.”

“Miss Lan”


They’ll be here soon.

I just thought you should know.”

Freinet says, and I’m really happy.

I tell Gaius and the others, and they’re happy about it too.

And then…

“We’re back, Lerunda.”

“Hello again.”

They say, and we welcome Miss Lan and the others back to the village.

—Girl and the return of the educator – Part one

(The educator and the rest of the group return to the miko’s village.)



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