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Chapter 311 – Cat and a changing country

Hicked Migha became king.

This is leading to a lot of changes here in the Kingdom of Migha, but there are still many problems.

Hicked Migha is doing something about the people who were unjustly enslaved, and he is not making any attempt to hide it.

But him being king doesn’t mean there aren’t people against him.

I guess it’s not easy to remove something that up until this point was seen as normal.

That prince, I mean king, is doing something about people who were taken away from their normal lives and enslaved without reason, but is there even a good reason to take away a person’s freedom like that Then again, if he banished slavery completely all of a , there’s a good chance that people would keep doing something similar but under a different name.

Among the people sold as slaves are people like us who were suddenly taken away from our homes and enslaved, people who became slaves after failing to pay their debts, and more.

Even people who are slaves because they were born from slaves.

That man became king, but that doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants.

I know that.

He made a law that forbids anyone from unjustly enslaving any more people, and this was met with a lot of opposition.

It’s not going to be easy for Hicked Migha to make this country racked with problems move forward.

Non-humans who have been working with Hicked Migha have now been hired by him, and have been working on policy to be accepted as citizens of this country.

Among them are a lot of people like me, whose homes were destroyed and who became filled with hatred.

But Hicked Migha accepts their hatred and makes sure to look them in the eyes when they talk.

People’s homes were destroyed.

The villages where they grew up are no more, thanks to the Kingdom of Migha.

These people now have to find a new place for themselves.

That being said, not everyone who has been unjustly enslaved has been freed.

It’s easy to order everyone to release them, but this is too big, and influences all sorts of things.

There has to be a proper procedure.

The world around us just isn’t that simple.

There are even nobles who want to revolt against Hicked Migha, but it isn’t that surprising, since that’s how Hicked Migha became king in the first place.

It’s only natural that there are people thinking about counter-revolution.

Some of them are even thinking about not releasing slaves and instead use them as hostages to make the king listen to them.

This is part of the reason why Hicked Migha can’t show any more favoritism towards other races.

People are already saying he favors slaves too much because he rebelled alongside them, so… He has to think carefully before he does anything.

Becoming king isn’t the end for him, it’s the beginning.

Life will be easier for us with Hicked Migha as king, but if anyone else becomes king, it all becomes the same again.

The slaves who were freed know this, so they support Hicked Migha’s reign.

While this is happening, I’m well aware that what I’m doing is like heresy.

Still, I’m going to keep working towards my goals no matter what people say or how many of them hate me.

I’m not going to change my attitude.

I’m going to keep acting like I don’t care about beast people, and not work under Hicked Migha.

“You’re pretty rational for a beast person.

You get how foolish it is to follow that king.”

“If you want to rise to the top, you would do well to follow us not that king.

Those fools will…”

I’m close to those who want to rebel against Hicked Migha.

They want to use me to try to create the world they want, and I can feel the greed in their eyes.

It’s exhausting just talking to these people.

It makes me want to cry when I think about those peaceful days in the past, but those days are never coming back.

I haven’t found my mother and my sister yet.

…I’m trying to work on finding them, but even if I do, can I even treat them like family

If the people who want to use me see them with me, they’ll try to use them too.

This country is slowly changing, but it’s still not the country I want it to be.

If that time does come, I’ll probably be able to smile with my mother and my sister.

But for now, all I can do is keep moving forward.

—Cat and a changing country

(The cat keeps working as he did before in this changing country.

He’s still playing a role that will attract hate for the sake of his comrades.)


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