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Chapter 307 – Girl and days without the educator – Part seven

We calmly talk here where Mister Douroean lives.

I ask questions about miko, but we also talk a lot about random things.

We’ve been here for a while, and Shinomi is really getting attached to Mister Douroean.

She really admires that huge body because it’s so cool.

Gaius, Miss Sinorn, and the others still can’t relax, but they’re now able to speak to Mister Douroean a little too.

As for Mister Douroean himself, I think it’s very rare for him to spend time with so many people, and it looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Mister Douroean is worshiped as a god and feared, so he doesn’t get to talk to people normally like this.

It’s getting dark, so we go back to Mister Villa’s village.

The plan is for us to stay here for a few days and visit Mister Douroean a few times.

Afterwards, I go see Mister Douroean with Doanea and Reimar, and then Doanea, Shinomi, and Mister Villa go by themselves.

We all deepen our relationship this way.

We make sure that the groups that go to see him always include Doanea or I.

When I don’t go there, I stay here and look around the winged people’s village.

I didn’t really get to see a lot of it the last time we were here.

I figure I should learn more about them, now that we’re friendlier.

I really feel like living here on the mountain is different than living down there on the ground.

They don’t usually farm here on the mountaintop.

Mister Villa and the others eat fruits and vegetables that grow here, and hunt monsters.

They really use their wings to their advantage when they hunt.

As for water, there’s spring water here.

Since Mister Douroean is fixing the flow of the magic energy here, it’s really nice, and it also makes it easier for things to grow.

According to Doanea, things could grow even more easily now because I see the winged people as my friends.

“Pikiiii, ikiiii.

(They should try growing things here, since it is now easier to do so.)”

“Do you think so”


Pikiiiiii, iiiiiii.


It is easy for them to gather food, but they should still try to grow it.)”

“I see…”

After this, I ask Doanea what can grow here on the mountain.

Doanea knows lots of things, and knows a lot about people that live on a mountain like this.

I’m sure there have been other people throughout history who lived on mountains, not just the winged people.

Mister Douroean remembers these people.

I propose to the winged people that they try growing things.

“Do we need to do that”

“Doanea said it’d be a good idea.”

“We will do it.”

They resisted it when I said it, but agreed immediately once they learned it was Doanea who said it.

Mister Villa and the others treat Doanea as someone who they absolutely have to listen to.

I only get to spend time with other winged people aside from Mister Villa from time to time, but it’d be nice if we could talk more.

In this village, everyone from small kids to elderly people can fly freely through the sky.

According to Mister Villa, they only lose the ability to fly when they die.

They live here because they were drawn to Mister Douroean.

They live in a place like this that’s kind of hard to live in because they worship him.

Apparently they’ve adapted to this place because they’ve been here for a long time.

They don’t use letters.

They pass down a lot of things through words and sounds, so all we know of their history comes from that.

In our village, grandma used to teach us, and now Miss Lan does it.

Because of this, a lot of people can write, but Miss Lan says that when a village is smaller, more people don’t know how to write.

She told me ‘Being able to write is wonderful.

Documents written by people in the past are invaluable to unravel history, and written information is more accurate than what is passed down verbally.

I would be very happy if what I’m writing helps people in the far future understand our history.’, and was really excited about it.

I wonder how she’s doing in the ruins.

I’m sure she’ll have lots to tell me when she gets back.

I go back and forth between the winged people’s village and Mister Douroean’s place for a few days, and then I return to our village.

I feel happier knowing everyone is getting along with Mister Douroean and the winged people better than before we came here.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part seven

(The miko goes back and forth between the dragon and the village and strengthens the relationship between their peoples.)



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