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Chapter 291 – Girl and the plan to go to the ruins – Part two

“Lerunda, first we are going to have just a few people go to the ruins.

We will investigate them, see if it’s safe there, and then you can go there if they are safe.

I think I will go with this first group too.”

“You too”


Ruins of a long forgotten country sound fascinating.

And who knows what a researcher like me can find there.

I’m like you, I want to help this village in any way I can too.”

The plan is for a small group of people to investigate the ruins first.

Gaius and I are still kids, so the adults are going there first.

Gaius is older than me, and he’s almost an adult, but he’s still seen as a kid here in the village.

Miss Lan looks less scared about the ruins, and more excited about what she might find there.

She really loves finding new things.

“Miss Lan, isn’t it dangerous”

“Thank you for worrying, but it’s all right.

There’s a small chance that it might be dangerous, but it was fine when Nirushi and the others were there.

Also, can I ask you to let someone contracted to you accompany us”


Of course.”

I’m sure it’ll be a lot safer if one of the gryphons, Scifo, or Freinet goes with them.

Doanea is still too small, but I’m sure one of the others will go with Miss Lan if I ask.

“Thank you Lerunda.

We can go there together once we confirm that it’s safe.”


I nod, and she smiles.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ahh… It’s going to be a little lonely when she goes.

We live in the same place and everything.

But she’s really looking forward to going there, and it might be good for the village, so I’m going to try not to feel lonely and instead see her off with a smile.

Apparently these thoughts are showing on my face.

“What’s wrong, Lerunda”

“Mister Nirushi…”

As I’m walking through the square with Scifo, Mister Nirushi walks up to me from the front and asks me that question.

Can he tell something’s on my mind

“Mister Nirushi, are you going to the ruins too”

“The ruins Yes, I am.

I’ve been there before, so I’m going to be their guide.”

“I see.”

He just came back, so the fact that he’s leaving for the ruins again also makes me feel a bit lonely.

“What Are you feeling lonely”

Says Mister Nirushi while patting my head a little roughly and messing up my hair.

“The ruins aren’t that far from here.

It’s not like we’re going away for a long time like we did before, so you don’t have to feel so lonely.”


“And we’re all going to come back safely too, so don’t worry about that either.

I’ll watch over Lan to make sure she doesn’t go too crazy.”


Come back safely.

But you’re right, Miss Lan will probably get really excited there.

She loves stuff like ruins.”

“That’s right… She’s curious like a child.”

“Miss Lan, is an adult.

She wants to know lots of things, and I really admire her.”

“…No, Lerunda, make sure you don’t become like that.

If you want someone to look up to, you can find…”

Mister Nirushi is saying this with a strange look on his face, when he’s interrupted by someone saying ‘what are you talking about’.

It’s Miss Lan, and she’s glaring at Mister Nirushi.

I don’t even know when she got here.

“What do you mean what We don’t need more adults that act like excited kids, do we”

“I know I get too caught up in the things I like, but it’s not as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be.

Lerunda, make sure you don’t become like Nirushi when you grow up, all right Just stay the same cute Lerunda as you grow up.”

“…That’s not a nice way of saying it.”

“Who said it first”

Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi start arguing, but it also looks like they’re having fun.

It’s strange.

It’s not like they don’t get along.

I guess they’re friends, but that’s just the way they are.

“Ah, wait, Lerunda.”

“What is it”

They suddenly stop arguing, and Miss Lan looks at me.

“We were thinking about having the festival to celebrate the revival of the spirit tree before we go.

We can’t see spirits, so can you talk to them”


It’s been one year already…”

“Yes, it’s already been one year since the spirit tree recovered.

We want to celebrate it again.”

“Yes, I’ll tell them.”

I say while nodding.

—Girl and the plan to go to the ruins – Part two

(The miko feels lonely as she hears the educator talking about leaving for the ruins.)


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