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Chapter 286 – The princess goes to the king

“It’s been a while, King Hicked.

Congratulations on your ascension to the throne.”

I, Ninaev Fairy, have come to see my fiance, Hicked Migha.

My fiance, who after leading the rebellion to success, became king.

We are finally able to meet directly, after a few years of being unable to do so.

Although our countries border each other, the internal conflict in Fairytrof and the rebellion of non-human races in Migha made it impossible for us to see each other.

King Hicked is known as the coldhearted king, and the parricidal king.

He’s called that and feared.

I heard a lot of things like this on the way here.

Many of my subordinates were against me coming here practically by myself.

They said it was too dangerous.

But I really want to see him.

My brother also told me he thought it was too dangerous, but still allowed me to come.

This is likely because I am not important, even if I am the fifth princess.

For once I am very glad to be just the fifth princess.

King Hicked has definitely changed since the last time we met.

He used to be someone who followed his father’s orders blindly and never thought to do anything for himself.

A person like this has to go through a very big change to end up killing the king and taking the throne.

But no matter how much he has changed, I believe deep down he is still the same person.


It’s been a while.”

Says King Hicked with a gentle smile.

I’m surprised to see this.

I didn’t think he would greet me with such a kind smile.

He used to be like an emotionless doll.

Someone who felt nothing and simply let life pass by him.

I’m very happy to see him smile like this.

I knew he was not as coldhearted as the rumors said.

He did kill his father, but deep down he is still the same, and he only killed his father because it was absolutely necessary.

I have no reason to be afraid.

We are the only ones here.

He was told it was too dangerous to be alone with a member of royalty from Fairytrof, even if I am his fiancee, but he insisted and forced them to leave us alone.

This is proof of how much he trusts me.

That also makes me happy.

“King Hicked, my country, the Kingdom of Fairytrof, wants to make peace with Migha.”

“I see.

That is good to hear.

We should make it official.”

…Is this really something that can be decided so easily Then again, the Kingdom of Migha is still feeling the effects of the rebellion, and has no time for war with its neighbors.

I did hear about the impact of the rebellion on the way here.

He then says ‘I don’t want your country to be my enemy, Nina’ with a smile, and I get just a little embarrassed.

It’s a little shocking, but I compose myself.

He then speaks with a solemn expression.

“Nina, I think we should cancel our engagement.”

“…Why is that”

“I killed the king, and someone in this position never knows when the same thing might be done to them.

I am also going to continue to reform this country, and this is going to earn me a lot of resentment.

I don’t want to put you in this position.”

I think King Hicked is a very honest person.

He doesn’t want to lie, so he’s telling me how he feels in a straightforward manner.

I understand that he’s saying this because he’s worried about me.

He also told me I should forget about him before the rebellion started.

I’m sure he’s telling me to cancel our engagement for my sake.

I know that, but…


He looks surprised, but I look him in the eyes and continue.

“I sent people to aid in your rebellion.

That alone is enough to make an accomplice.

I can’t back out now after getting involved so much already.

And if I cancel our engagement, you’re going to stay here and face the hate you will get by yourself, correct I don’t want that.

I don’t want you to be alone.

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like you are not alone, since you became king, but I think you are carrying a lot by yourself.

I know that you have my best interests in mind when you tell me to cancel our engagement, but even if people despise you, and no matter how hard it may be, I want to carry that weight with you.”

…After I finish speaking, I realize that this sounds like a marriage proposal, and get embarrassed.

He doesn’t get upset at me for speaking like this to a king.

Instead, he laughs.

“Haha, you haven’t changed a bit Nina.

But you know it won’t be easy”

“I do, but I am saying we will get through it together.”

I respond, and he laughs again.

“Thank you Nina.”

He says with a gentle smile.

—The princess goes to the king

(The princess sees her fiance who became king, and declares to endure his hardships with him.)


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