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Chapter 283 – Girl and people heading to the kingdom – Part one

“This way Lerunda.”


I’m out hunting with Gaius, Kayu, and others.

It’s fine for kids like us to be hunting, because Wason and Scifo are watching over us.

I’m carrying Doanea on my back too.

I can also count on Doanea’s help if anything happens.

Gaius and the others keep getting older.

It’s weird to think that in a few years they’ll be considered adults.

I think it’s going to take me a little more time than them to become an adult.

I like helping the village by hunting.

I usually hunt with the gryphons and Scifo by using magic.

I’ve gotten better at using magic too.

I carry Doanea on my back most of the way, but at a certain point, Gaius takes over for me.

I want to try some things with the wings I make with magic, and it’s hard to create these wings with a dragon on my back.

Doanea doesn’t look too happy about this.

I don’t want Doanea to actually take part in the hunt because they’re still too small, but how long does it take for a dragon to be able to hunt

If I ask Doanea when I should let them hunt, the answer I’ll get is right now, but should I go ask Mister Douroean

This is on my mind as I create the wings and start flying.

I’ve been practicing, and it feels like I’ve gotten a lot better at controlling them.

I’m happy about slowly being able to do more and more things.

“You’re doing great, Lerunda.”

“You too Gaius!”

Gaius compliments me while I’m hunting, and I respond with a smile.

Kayu and the others don’t want to fall behind, so they fire themselves up.

I can hear Doanea saying ‘Pikiii, iiii (good hunting, but I want to hunt as well)’.

Maybe I should ask Miss Lan and the other adults when I should let Doanea hunt.

The hunt is a big success, and we take the monsters we hunted back to the village.

Beast people, including Gaius, are all bringing more monsters than me.

I’m sure people in the village will be happy to see how many monsters we hunted.

When we return to the village and show Mister Dongu and Mister Oshashio what we brought, they tell us we did a good job.

Then it’s time to take apart the monsters and store them.

I help with that too.

Mister Ilma and Mister Villa don’t think I should be doing something like that, but in the end they accept it because I’m doing what I want.

After we’re done, I say goodbye to Gaius and the other kids, and go home.

On the way home I see Mister Nirushi talking with cat beast people that came from Migha.

I’ve been seeing him talking to them a lot since he came back from exploring.

He really wants to save the people that were captured by Migha, and that’s probably part of the reason.

I don’t actually have any way of knowing how the Kingdom of Migha and the Kingdom of Fairytrof are doing.

All I know is what I heard from Mister Sadda and the others, but maybe those two countries are changing.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back.”

When I get home, Miss Lan and the gryphons that stayed here welcome me back.

It’s really nice having people say hello to me when I get back.

“How was it today, Lerunda”

“We hunted a lot of monsters.”

“That’s nice.

You’ve become really strong.”

Miss Lan says while taking notes about me.

She usually asks me lots of things and takes notes.

I’m always impressed by how quickly she writes and how pretty it looks.

“I just remembered something.

The knights of Migha have been given permission to go to the Kingdom of Migha.”

“Kingdom of Migha”


It’s been decided that this wouldn’t be a problem.

And knowing the current situation in the Kingdom of Migha will be helpful to save the cat people being held there.

Also… Are you curious about Alice”

“My sister”


In the Kingdom of Migha it might be possible to get information about the Kingdom of Fairytrof too.

I can ask them to try to bring us information about Alice if you want.”

Am I interested in my sister

She always felt like a person who was very distant from me, back in the village where I was born.

My parents wouldn’t let me get near her, and I always just did what they told me, so I’ve never even talked to her.

I don’t feel any bad emotions towards my sister, but I also don’t really see her as family.

But it’s true that she’s still related to me by blood.

“…I’m a little curious.”

“I see.

Then I’ll tell you if we find out anything about her.”

Says Miss Lan with a smile while patting my head.

She tells me knights and merchants that came here with Mister Sadda are going back to Migha.

They say that they can’t take any beast people with them, because they don’t know the current state of the country.

—Girl and people heading to the kingdom – Part one

(The miko returns home after hunting, and hears some news.)


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