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Chapter 281 – Girl and the second picture book – Part one

It’s been a while since Mister Nirushi and the others came back.

They’re resting after they’ve been away for so long, so it’s decided that we’re not going to do anything major for a while.

Miss Lan and Mister Dongu have been compiling the information the others brought, so we can decide what to do next.

I’m sure they’re also talking about going to the ruins.

Even though Miss Lan is busy with all this, she’s coming towards me with her eyes shining again.

I’m just taking it easy after having lunch, and she approaches me with Mister Ilma.

I can see she’s holding a book.

As I’m trying to figure out what it is, Miss Lan hands it to me and starts talking.

“Lerunda, we have a prototype of the second picture book!”

“Miss Lerunda, let us make it even more wonderful!”

Mister Ilma is really excited too.

The first picture book, ‘The girl, Lerunda, meets Mister horse~’, was successful here in the village.

I’ve seen Mister Ilma reading it aloud to other people, and apparently even the soldiers from Migha read it.

Miss Lan has been working on the second book, even though she’s busy with all sorts of other things.

She really doesn’t hold back when she decides she wants to do something.

She does so much that I wonder when she has time to rest.

Apparently this is a prototype of the second book, and Doanea, the gryphons, Scifo, Freinet and I peek at it.

Some of the gryphons are out doing things like hunting, but everyone else contracted to me crowds around the book.

“This time Lerunda is on the cover.”

“Guru Gurururururururuu (What about me It’s not fair that mom is the only one.)”


(I wish I was on the cover too.)”

This time Reimar and I are on the cover.

Reimar is golden on the cover, so does that mean the part where we form a contract is in it

Rema and Ruma are saying they want to be on the cover too.

“Rema, Ruma, you are on the back cover.”

““Guru (Eh)””

Miss Lan can’t understand what Rema and Ruma are saying, but it looks like she can tell more or less just by the way they’re talking.

The two gryphons are very surprised to hear this.

Rema excitedly flips the book, and sees four little gryphons on the back cover.

“Gurururu!! Ruruuuuu! (I’m here too!! I’m so happy!)”

Rema and Ruma look so cute.

They’re so happy about being on the back cover, and Miss Lan pets them

“Hihihihihin (Does that mean I’m not in this one)”

“Pikiiiiiiii!! (I am not here either!!)”

“I think you are in it too Scifo, but it’s too soon for Doanea.

I still haven’t appeared either.”

Freinet responds to Scifo and Doanea.

I think it will be fun if more picture books keep coming out, to the point where Freinet and Doanea are in them too.

Even though it’s a little embarrassing.

“Will I one day be depicted in this scripture as well What an honor that would be.

Just serving by Miss Lerunda’s side feels like I have ascended to the heavens, but to be a part of scripture…”

“Mister Ilma… This isn’t scripture, you know They are just picture books.

They might be like scripture to you, but…”

Mister Ilma thinks these books are like scripture.

I don’t really understand what that means, but I don’t think these are sacred books like that.

But I think Mister Ilma is too excited to pay attention to what Miss Lan is saying.

“Hihihi Hihin.

(I’m in it Then let’s read it.)”


(I should be in it as well.)”

Scifo wants to start reading it, and Doanea is still not happy about not being in the book.

Since Doanea really wants to be drawn like the others, I think I can ask Mister Villa to do it.

But wait, since Doanea is the winged people’s god, would they feel hesitant to draw them

I’m surrounded by the others as I open the book ‘The girl, Lerunda, meets the gryphons~’.

—Girl and the second picture book – Part one

(The miko is shown a prototype of the second picture book.)


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