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Chapter 28 – The educator’s records

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

One note about Lerunda, who I presume to be the miko.

Note one: She was opposed to me treating her by miss so, per her wishes, I will be referring to her as Lerunda.

First of all, I will summarize what kind of being the miko is.


-Loved by god

-Her land will flourish

-Can grant blessings and create [knights]

-Possesses special powers

This is all we know, as information regarding miko is very scarce.

A miko periodically appears in this world, but the closest records we have of a miko appearing are a hundred years old.

I study miko, but all the information I have is what was written.

Next, I will summarize the information I have about Lerunda, who I think is the miko.


-Seven years old

-Brown hair and eyes

-Around 120cm tall

-Not very talkative

-Her movements are like a small animal’s

-Is apparently good at healing magic

-Formed a contract with gryphons and a sky horse

According to what has been written, a country that the miko hated had a tragic end.

We can assume that displeasing the miko will bring about disaster, but nothing like what has been written has happened to the country of Fairytrof.

There have been changes occurring in the kingdom of Fairytrof, but nothing like the catastrophes I have read about.

I think the kingdom of Fairytrof has been spared from this kind of disasters thanks to Lerunda’s personality.

She was ostracized and abandoned, but doesn’t seem to feel any hatred towards this country.

Basically, I think that the disasters that have been written about are a result of the miko’s feelings.

Lerunda has no ill will towards the kingdom of Fairytrof.

I have heard a little about her past from Lerunda herself, and I can only say she had a difficult life when she was younger, but this only served to reinforce my feelings about her being the miko.

Normally, a child would die if she was not given food.

There was no way she would just conveniently find food, and it would be unreasonable to think that by sheer coincidence, every time someone would get violent something would put a stop to it.

When I visited the village where she was born and raised, I saw a place tormented by insect damage.

Their harvest was not a good one, and everyone had a sullen expression.

At the very least, I can say that this was not the case when she was there, as she would surely have been sent away or even killed to save food if they had a food shortage.

God probably made it so this would not happen.

Miss Alice, no, Alice is beautiful, so she received many offerings in that remote village, that was very prosperous for such a remote place.

I know this because the villagers, Lerunda, and miss Alice herself said so.

But that situation probably only came to be because the miko, Lerunda, was in the village in the first place, and the country of Fairytrof only had abundant harvests so Lerunda would not starve.

If the whole country had bad crops, who knows how that would affect remote villages.

The miko’s power of influence depends on which god loves the miko.

Currently, I cannot say for certain what god Lerunda favors Lerunda, but I do notice some things as I watch Lerunda’s surroundings.

For example, Lerunda formed contracts with gryphons and a sky horse.

These two species have a common point, they can both fly.

Perhaps the god favoring Lerunda is related to the sky or flight, or perhaps that common point is irrelevant, and it is actually a god that is deeply related to gryphons or sky horses.

We just don’t know at this point.

Next, the relationship between Lerunda and beast people is excellent.

I had the idea that perhaps she was being favored by a god related to beast people, but judging by what mister Athos, the head of the village said, I do not think that is the case.

He said that they were very cautious when they first met Lerunda.

Because they live in the forest, the beast people in this village worship gryphons like gods.

It is no wonder they were cautious of a girl that lived with those gods.

That is to say nothing of me, someone coming from a kingdom of humans like Fairytrof.

There are many human countries that enslave beast people.

There are many humans that see any other species as nothing more than slaves, so I think it is easy to see why beast people are so cautious around us.

That tension around Lerunda went away as she lived here, and now she is completely adapted to this village.

When we first talked, some beast people watched us, as they were worried about her, and cautious of me.

Lerunda has been living peacefully in this village.

A boy with whom she gets along with, Gaius, says she made friends, is happy when people pat her head, and is happy about experiencing many new things now that she is leading a normal life.

Lerunda leads a happy life in this village.

Lerunda says the gryphons and the sky horse are her family.

It seems she recognizes her parents and her older sister, currently in Agatha, as family.

She seems to harbor no ill feelings or affection towards them, and just recognizes them as family.

Lerunda says she did not do many things according to her own volition in the village where she grew up.

If she could act out of her own free will and live in peace, she would have certainly performed a miracle like she did here in the beast people’s village (see note two) and the country would have quickly realized she is the miko.

Note two: Before I arrived in this village, Lerunda performed a miracle by healing a beast person that was close to death.

It seems like Lerunda has a fun life here.

She listens to the villager’s requests, studies magic, plays with the gryphons and sky horse, and learns about miko from me.

The land where the girl that is probably the miko loves has shockingly good crops.

The beast people do not know about Lerunda being the miko, and are all talking about this year being a good one.

If this trend continues through the following years, I will be able to say with confidence that she really is the miko, even though Lerunda herself only thinks of it as a possibility.

In the kingdom of Fairytrof there isn’t anyone that can receive god’s message, but if she caught the eye of a great priest from another country, we might be able to know for certain if she truly is the miko.

Of course, we have no way of knowing if such an opportunity will appear.

I have only been in this village for a few days.

The beast people are very cautious of me, but being able to closely watch the girl that is probably the miko and do my research has made me very happy.

My current objective is to be accepted as a part of this village, and find out what kind of being the miko truly is.

—The educator’s records

(The woman living in the beast people’s village writes about the girl that is probably the miko.)


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