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Chapter 278 – Girl and people returning – Part four

“It’s all right.

Doanea wouldn’t do something like that.

And I don’t have a bad feeling either.”

I try to reassure Mister Nirushi.

He just learned about Doanea, so I guess it’s natural for him to be cautious.

But I hope they get along.

“…I see, all right.”

He says, even though I don’t think he’s fully convinced.

People don’t always see eye to eye, so it’s probably normal to be cautious of a completely different being like a dragon.

Beast people accepted the gryphons without a problem because they’re their gods, but they’ve never been involved with dragons before.

“Oh, and we have also accepted people who came from the Kingdom of Migha.

I know you must have mixed feelings about this, so please hear me out.”

“…Yes of course.”

“They are not our enemies, and we need more manpower.

All of you might see humans from Migha walking around the village, and if this is painful for you, please talk to someone, and don’t carry that weight alone.

I can’t say I understand how you feel, but I can listen.”

Says Miss Lan while looking at the people that just came back.

The wound of having their homes taken away by Migha still hasn’t healed.

I’m still hurt about losing Mister Athos too.

This isn’t something that easily goes away.

The population of this village is slowly increasing, and because of that, different kinds of people are living here too.

Seeing this peaceful village change is a little scary, but we have to keep moving forward if we’re going to make our dream come true.

Afterwards, the people that stayed in the village and the ones that went out to explore continue reporting things to each other.

By the time it’s ending, some people are starting to get drowsy, because we’ve been talking for a long time.

The ones who actually fall asleep are awoken by others who tell them to listen because it’s important.

I go to talk to Miss Lan after it’s over.

Everyone is going into their homes, but she’s talking with Mister Nirushi.

“Aren’t you tired Nirushi Aren’t you going back”

“I am but… You’re always like this.

It looked like you were having so much fun when we were talking…”

“Of course I was.

There’s a lot we still don’t know, and so much I want to learn.”

He’s right, Miss Lan has been like this ever since we met.

She’s always really focused on the things she wants to do, and always looks like she’s having fun doing them.


“Why are you laughing”

“It’s just that when we were out exploring, we talked about how the village could turn into something we didn’t even recognize anymore while we were out.

I mean, this is pretty much a new village, and it was changing while we were here too.”

“Oh, you think about this sort of thing”

“…So Why do you sound surprised!”

“It is surprising.

I think of you as being a little more… Brash you know Ah, but then again, you did cry when you were talking about saving your friends, so you do have a crybaby side too.”

“…Ah, forget about that already! Anyway, it’s nice to see you’re exactly the same.

Even if the village changes, you and the others are still the same.”

“Of course.

People don’t change that easily.”

As they’re talking, Miss Lan sees me approaching them and turns my way.

“Lerunda What’s the matter”

“Doanea said they know about the ruins, so I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Ah That dragon knows about that too”

Says Mister Nirushi while looking at Doanea with suspicion.

Doanea makes an annoyed sound, but doesn’t try to overpower Mister Nirushi again, because we stopped Doanea from doing it before.

“Yes, because Doanea has Mister Douroean’s memories.

Ah, Mister Douroean is Mister Villa’s god.”

“Eh… So that little dragon knows all sorts of things.”

Now Mister Nirushi sounds impressed.


(Yes, I am incredible.)”

Says Doanea proudly, but Mister Nirushi and Miss Lan can’t actually understand it, and it just sounds like animal cries to them.

“Can you tell us more about those ruins!”


(Very well.)”

Asks Miss Lan, and Doanea happily starts talking about the ruins, according to Mister Douroean’s memories.

—Girl and people returning – Part four

(The miko wants to talk about the ruins after the report is over.)


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