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Chapter 273 – Prince and uprising – Part five

I decided to kill my older brothers while they still looked down on and underestimated me, and I have been taking action against them one after the other.

Not a single one of them showed any support for me.

Our father’s way of thinking was too deeply entrenched in their minds.

Actually, it’s probably heresy for a prince of Migha to even question not treating people like people and forcing them into slavery.

I am only the seventh prince, so my father and I have almost never spoken as father and son.

He gave me orders and I carried them out, and that was the extent of our relationship.

Maybe that distance is why my way of thinking is so different.

Maybe being ignored by my father and having such a low claim to the throne has led to me not being surrounded by people who would plant that way of thinking into me.

My brothers on the other hand had mothers of high standing, and their thoughts were molded by the people around them.

In any case, my brothers are dead.

The remaining members of royalty are my father and his consorts, and two princesses.

The Kingdom of Migha had many princes, but that is all there is left.

I don’t believe it will all be over if I kill my father.

That is too optimistic.

If my father is killed and I am the only prince left, there will surely be people who oppose me.

But I have also been consolidating the rebel army.

Of course, not everything is settled, and not everything is going perfectly.

There have been at least some casualties.

It seems that cat beast person has infiltrated the country.

People call him a traitor, but I don’t believe that to be the case.

I hear he has been putting his hands on other beast people, but I don’t think this man named Dasha is truly a traitor.

I would go as far as to say he is at least partially responsible for how much easier it has been for us to act.

One person can have a big influence.

In fact, without someone to take the first step, nothing can be accomplished.

“…I will kill my father.”

Killing my father will surely bring about a new beginning.

I can’t say for sure how this country will develop after that, but at the very least I will act as I wish.

But of course, killing my father is too big of a task for the rebel army, especially now that he is much more cautious due to the princes’ disappearance.

A sneak attack would be very difficult.

This is why I will ask the dragon people to help, even though they have not been overtly participating in the rebellion.

I don’t have much to offer them, but I want to ask for their help no matter what.

We are definitely not friends, so although they are helping us, I don’t know how far they are willing to go to support us.

What I do know is that we have come too far to stop, and my goal is to end this as quickly as possible to minimize further casualties.

When I thought of killing my father and becoming king, I thought of Nina.

She decided to become involved with me, and sent her people here.

The fact that she cares about me makes me very happy.

But… I am killing royalty, and thinking about becoming king.

Things have been going well, but that may not be the case forever.

Whether or not we succeed, if I survive I’m going to talk with Nina about all this.

Afterwards, I wait until dragon people come to us to tell them about my plan to attack the king.

I figured they might say no, but they were surprisingly open to my proposal.

“You showed us how committed you are by killing family members.”

Says a dragon person.

Does that mean they were watching me I figure with their great physical abilities, it’s not hard to believe they would be able to watch me without me noticing.

◇ ◇ ◇

Two weeks go by, and I attack my father with the help of dragon people.

My father has many guards around him, and I decided I would kill them if necessary.

I want to refrain from killing people if I can, but I can’t afford to be too soft if I’m to kill my father.


“Prince Hicked!”

I see people whose faces I know.

Some of them were good to me.

But I can’t stop now.

“Hicked! What the hell are you doing!”

“I don’t think this country should remain like this.

I will kill you to achieve my goal.”

I look straight into my father’s wide open eyes, and raise my blade at him.

—Prince and uprising – Part five

(The prince attacks the king with the help of dragon people.)


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