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Chapter 271 – Girl and opening the store – Part three

“The ‘general store’ is open!!”

Says Mister Sadda, and the first ever store in our village is open for business.

I’m here with Gaius, and it all feels weird, but really exciting too.

Everyone from this village, and even Phyto’s people and Mister Villa are very interested in this.

Mister Villa is here because he’s never seen a store before, but as soon as he sees Doanea on my back, he rushes to get on his knees, and I get flustered too.

Doanea makes a sort of proud noise, like they think it’s only natural to be worshiped, but I wish Mister Villa would treat Doanea more normally.

How many times do I have to say that until he understands…

There’s so many people here, that they have to form a line and take turns entering.

Gaius and I join this line, and wait until it’s finally our turn.

I saw the interior of the store when we were here before lining up the products, but it feels completely different now that it’s actually open.

There’s lots of things lined up for sale, and when I see them like this, it kind of makes me want to buy things I wasn’t interested in before.

Even things that don’t look special and I don’t really need right now.

“A store, is strange.”

“It really is.

I didn’t really understand what a store was before, but now that I’m here it makes me want some of these things.”

“Yes… Ah, a brush.

I want it to brush you.

Maybe I’ll buy it.”

“Don’t you have brushes at home”

“Yes, but this one, has a cute drawing.”

I have brushes to brush the gryphons, Scifo, and Gaius when he’s in his wolf form, but when I see this one here, it makes me want to buy it.

“This, please.”

“This brush…”

One of the beast people working here, Mister Junoni, comes over to me to explain how trading here works.

It’s incredible how I can trade things I got in the forest for a lovely brush like this!! It’s strange, but I’m really impressed.

I look around, and see more people around the store trading things with a glitter in their eyes.

“The store, is fun.”


“Do you want anything, Gaius”

“Hn… I was thinking that these boots look nice.”

“Wah! They’re really cool!!”

Mister Sadda comes over and says that if the boots don’t fit, they can have them adjusted.

That’s right, you have to see if clothes and shoes are the right size,

In the end, Gaius buys a plate instead.

He really looks more drawn to this plate with a cool drawing.

I keep looking around, until Doanea says ‘pikiiiiii (is this me)’.

I turn around and see an ornament shaped like a dragon.

This is something made by the winged people, that Mister Villa brought.

It looks like Doanea really wants it, so I buy it.

There are a lot of hair ornaments.

I hear they were made by young women in the village.

There are cute hair ornaments, and other cool ornaments too.

It all looks so wonderful.

“What are you looking at, Lerunda”

“Hair ornaments.

They’re cute.”

“They are.”

Gaius left for a bit to exchange things he had for what he wanted, but he’s back, holding a bag with a few things inside.

Apparently he traded some more things while I wasn’t looking.

“Which one do you want”

“Maybe this, the bird one.”

I look at it closely, and for some reason Gaius takes it and trades it.

“Gaius, you’re going to wear it”

“Of course not!! It’s not for me, it’s for you!!”

“You’re giving it, to me”


Try it on.”

“Yes!! I will!”

For a second I thought Gaius was going to put ornaments in his hair, but he bought it as a present for me.

Thinking about it being a present from Gaius makes me like it even more.

It’s something important to me now.

I guess having someone else trade it instead of you makes things more special.

Now I feel like giving Gaius a present too.

“Gaius, is there anything you want I want to, give something too!”

“Eh No, it’s fine.

I pretty much got everything I wanted.”

“Really… Then next time you want something, I’ll get it, and then give it to you.”

“And I’ll take it.”

He answers with a smile.

We leave the store, and I go back home.

Miss Lan sees I’ve traded a lot of things, and says it’s nice that it looks like the store is doing very well.

—Girl and opening the store – Part three

(The miko visits the store with the beast boy, and has fun looking around the village’s first ever store.)


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