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Chapter 268 – The girl hears the results of the test – Part two


“What is it”

Phyto and I ask.

I don’t understand what Miss Lan means.

If Phyto’s dance makes it easier for everyone to move, isn’t that great

I think the fact that it affects people who can see her even if they’re far away should be enough to give hope to people around us.

It will help us a lot if anything happens.

“It affects a lot of people in a wide area.

This isn’t a problem when we are doing tests in a place where everyone is our friend, but if Phyto starts dancing to help us during a battle, and our enemy happens to see her…”

“Are you saying my dancing would help monsters’ mobility as well”

Asks Phyto.

It looks like she understands what Miss Lan is saying.

“Yes, exactly.

If your dance affects everyone who sees it, it could also affect enemies and vicious monsters.

And of course, it all becomes pointless if the dance affects our enemies as much as it affects us.

It would only serve to make you tired.

And you also need to make sure you can do your dance safely.

For example, we don’t know if your dance will help if you do it while staying behind your allies.

If people don’t receive the effect of the dance if they don’t see it, no matter how close they are, it would make it difficult to use.

We need to do more tests to determine if this is correct.

So in the end, I think this power could be hard to use effectively, but if we do use it well, it should become a great help for our village.

However, if you don’t want to get close to where people are fighting, we probably don’t need to go much further with our tests.

You do have the option of only using this power here in the village.”

Phyto would only dance in front of people or monsters that are hostile if there was a battle going on near her.

If she stays here in the village and doesn’t dance when something like that happens, we don’t have to test what happens when she dances near an enemy.

She was never a fighter in the first place, so she probably wouldn’t be in a situation like that in the first place.

“…No, I don’t want to sit still in the village.

If this village is going to be a country someday, I think I should use my power.

I have always been protected as the daughter of god and kept away from danger, so I honestly don’t really want to be near a battle.

But if our dear true daughter of god… And my friend Lerunda is going to jump into dangerous situations… I want to help.

If my power can help people… I want to learn to use it well and be there.”

Says Phyto, full of determination.

I want to use my powers to help people here if anything happens, like when we had to fight that monster.

Phyto wasn’t there with us, but she understands this.

I’m happy that she called me her friend and said she wants to use her power to help me.

We’ve been working hard together, and she is dazzling with how straight-forward and honest she is.

“I see… Then let’s do more tests.

I think your ability can be very strong if you can use it well, and become very helpful to us.

I also think it’s possible that you will be able to target specific people if you become better at controlling your power.

There is still so much we don’t know about the powers granted to 『knights of the miko』… But that is also because there are so many possibilities.

Let’s try to draw out these possibilities!! Learning more about things we don’t understand is fun!”


Miss Lan is really excited about the potential of Phyto’s power.

I’m just looking at the two of them with a blank look on my face,

“And of course, we need to look into Lerunda’s powers more as well.

You have many different abilities, but it’s still possible that there is more you can do.

There’s a chance that new abilities awaken as you become older.

If we think about this way, there is still a lot of room for growth for you and the 『miko’s knights』, although Reimar is already an adult.”

Miss Lan’s eyes are shining.

Anyway, we only learned a little from that short test, so we’re going to continue testing and exploring our abilities.

I still want to learn a lot more about what I can do.

I go back to Miss Zeshihi’s place, and Doanea and the gryphons are still sleeping.

I’m glad to see they’re still sleeping peacefully.

—The girl hears the results of the test – Part two

(The miko hears about the issue with the daughter of god’s power, and decides to learn more about her own abilities.)


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