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Chapter 261 – The girl wants to learn more about the power of the dance – Part three

We gathered a lot of people in the square to test Phyto’s power.

Obviously we couldn’t get everyone that lives in the village here at the same time, but we still got a lot of people from this village, and Phyto’s to come here.

Phyto’s people volunteered because they want to help the daughter of god.

Miss Lan is really excited about this, and has a sparkle in her eyes.

She’s been like this all day.

I think her life looks really fun.

“Well then.

Let’s begin testing Phyto’s power.”

Says Miss Lan, while Phyto stands near the spirit tree.

There are a lot of spirits gathered around her, looking amused.

Everyone’s eyes are on Phyto, who starts dancing with a nervous look on her face.

Her dance really is beautiful.

No no.

I can’t get distracted.

I’m not here to admire her dance, I’m here to test her power.

“Should we start trying different things”


(Let’s do it.)”



(Everyone’s here.

It’s fun.)”


(I will try it as well.)”

The gryphons by my side and Doanea on my back are anxious to start.

Other people around us start trying different things too.

Miss Lan tells them to make sure to be conscious of anything that’s different than usual.

After she says this, everyone starts moving, until eventually Phyto stops dancing.

“How was it”

“Let’s hear what people have to say.”

Says Miss Lan before she starts asking questions to the people in the square.

After she’s done, Phyto starts dancing again.

Miss Lan gave people instructions to move somewhere else, cover their eyes, and all sorts of different things.

I don’t really understand what she’ll learn from this, but her eyes are shining.

I think she’s getting a lot out of these tests.

Phyto dances again and again, and she’s completely exhausted by the time we’re done.

“…Thank… You…”

She’s still trying to catch her breath, as she bows to the people who helped with today’s test.

The spirits are all flying around, looking pleased with Phyto’s dancing.

I’m glad they had fun.

I guess spirits really do like stuff like dancing.

I think it’s great that Phyto is liked by the spirits so much.

“Good job Phyto.”

“Yes, good job.

I have learned a few things, but we should stop for now.

I’m sure you’re tired.”

Says Miss Lan, and Phyto sits in one of the chairs placed here in the square.

I think she really wants to sit still after dancing so much.

“Rest well.

I’m going to compile everything we learned today, and I will tell you my conclusions when I’m done.”

Miss Lan says energetically before leaving.

She’s really enjoying this.

Everyone that gathered here today goes back to their jobs now that we’re done.

Some stay in the square, but most leave.

I sit next to Phyto.

“I hope, we learn more about your power.”

“I was too busy dancing, so I have no idea how it affected other people.”

“…I don’t really understand it either.

But it looked like Miss Lan did, so I think we’ll learn a lot.”

“Yes, I saw it in her eyes.

Miss Lan tried a lot of different things, so I’m sure that led to her making some discoveries.”


She really loves studying and researching.

She’s really great.”

As I talk to Phyto about Miss Lan, I kind of feel like I’m bragging.

I’m glad that I get to show everyone how great Miss Lan is.

“Fufu, you really like her, don’t you”


I really like Miss Lan.”

Phyto smiles, and I smile back while agreeing with her.

Yes, I really like Miss Lan.

She’s kind, and she’s always hard at work studying.

Sometimes I worry about her because she forgets to eat when she’s too focused on what she’s doing, but that’s just part of who she is.

“I can’t wait to hear how much she learned about my power.”

“Yes, me too.”

Phyto and I continue talking with smiles on our faces.

—The girl wants to learn more about the power of the dance – Part three

(The miko participates in the tests of the daughter of god, and both look forward to hearing the results.)


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