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Chapter 249 – Girl and dealing with the winged people


Today, Miss Shehan is full of energy and going after Mister Ilma again.

It feels like she’s more relaxed after telling him how she feels, and she’s become more assertive too.

Apparently she’s been talking with beast people her age about fashion too.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

And the same goes for Kayu’s romance too.

I hope everyone’s happy, but I have to be careful not to say too much to Mister Ilma…

I’ve been sending magic energy to the egg, but it’s not showing any signs that it’s going to hatch, other than that it moves a little.

I hope it hatches soon.

As for what I’m doing today, Mister Dongu is going to the forest to talk with the winged people about how we are going to be involved with each other, and I’m going with him.

We asked them not to come to the village for a while, because we had to decide what our relationship was going to be like.

Apparently they’re curious, because we see winged people fly near the village from time to time.

Maybe it’s because of my ability as the miko, but they don’t actually come to the village.

“…Can we really be involved with each other”

Mister Villa is flying nearby, and when Mister Dongu raises his hand and calls him, he comes down right away.

Flying around like that looks really nice.

I hope I can fly like that someday.

“We have been talking, but in the end, we can’t fully trust you.

Still, we understand your faith, and that you want to be involved with the one who received an egg from the being you worship as a god.

Because of this… We have agreed to slowly become more involved.”



I think it would be hard for us to fully become comrades at the moment.

Our village is still being formed, and we don’t want to do anything that could affect it too drastically.

We can allow one or two of your people to live in the village, but if you do anything that could potentially harm it, we will have to ask you to leave.”

“…That is good.

All that matters is being with god.”

Our village isn’t prepared to take in a lot of people.

We have stabilized, but we’re low on manpower, and we are still dealing with the people that came from Migha.

It wouldn’t be such a problem if the village had the power to take in everyone, but even then we would have to work to make sure everything went well.

People have been saying that in order to grow the village, we, including the people living a little further away in Phyto’s village, have to build more, especially houses.

I’m sure it will be easier for Mister Dongu to accept the winged people once they have gained their trust too.

The people that went out to explore still haven’t returned, so we’re just barely getting by.

“Then I will go, and I will bring someone else with me.

Can we add one more person, if this person is visiting and not living there”

“Yes, if it’s just a visit then that will not be a problem.

What kind of house do you prefer”

“…A place high up would be good.”

“Like the ones the elves build on trees You can look around and decide where it should be built.

Although there are places where it would be difficult.”

“I see, that would be very good.

When can I go”

“You can come tomorrow, and you can live in another house until yours is finished.”

“Well then, I will be flying nearby once my preparations are complete.

I assume I won’t be able to find the village.”


Scifo and I listen to their conversation.

“…How is the egg, Lerunda”

Mister Villa turns my way.

He looks a little more eager than when he was talking with Mister Dongu.

I guess he really wants to hear about the egg.

“The egg, hasn’t hatched.”

“I see.

I definitely want to be present when it does, so I want to go as soon as possible.”

Mister Villa looks relieved.

Ah, of course.

Mister Douroean is very special to them, so the moment when this egg hatches will be very important.

It’s something he doesn’t want to miss no matter what.

I don’t really understand faith, but I can understand wanting to be present when someone important to you is born.

I was very moved when Miss Wetani’s baby was born.

I’m sure I’ll feel lots of emotions when this egg hatches too.

This dragon will be born through my magic energy.

I’m sure it will be special to me.


I understand.

I’m looking forward, to you coming to our village too.

I say, and Mister Villa smiles.

—Girl and dealing with the winged people

(The miko talks with the winged people, and looks forward to their arrival.)


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