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Chapter 245 – Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part four

“So Miss Shehan likes Mister Ilma…”


Don’t say it.

Miss Shehan doesn’t want a lot of people to know.”

I’m with some other people from the village, working on Miss Shehan’s clothes.

I don’t know how Kayu and Shinomi heard about it, but they decided to join us.

Kayu is speaking loudly.

I think she likes talking about love.

Kayu and Shinomi’s roles in the village are mostly helping with hunting.

Kayu in particular mostly hunts, but Shinomi helps with cooking and sewing too.

We are in a place in the center of the village where people make clothes.

The people that usually work here happily let us borrow a corner of the building where we can work.

“Have you ever been in love, Lerunda Tell me if you do fall in love.

I promise I’ll help in anyway I can.”


I don’t know.”


How about you think about yourself first, Kayu”


“Kayu Is Kayu in love”

I stop working and look at Kayu.

It sounds like Shinomi is saying Kayu is in love.

I’m her friend, but I had no idea.

It’s surprising, but thinking about helping her if she really is in love makes me excited.

“…Hum, Lerunda, don’t tell anyone.”


Of course.”


Whispers Kayu while turning away.

It’s cute how her ears and tail are twitching.

That kind of makes me want to touch them.

I know I shouldn’t, so I don’t, but still…

So she likes Lilyd.

I had no idea.

Kayu and Lilyd.

I start imagining them getting married someday.

We’re taller than we were when we first met, but I thought nothing else changed.

But now I can see that our relationships are slowly changing too.

It really feels like we’re slowly becoming adults.

“Kayu, good luck.

I’m, rooting for you.”

Kayu nods.

We continue making clothes, and the two gryphons that like making things, Ryon and Yuin, come take a peek from time to time.

The other gryphons don’t seem all that interested in clothes, probably because they’re monsters that don’t wear clothes in the first place.

But I think they’d look good if we tried making clothes for them.

Miss Shehan is always going after Mister Ilma.

She follows him and then just stays near him.

I also know for sure that he doesn’t dislike her, but…

Love isn’t something that will work out just by saying or doing something.

No matter how much you like someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean the other person will love you back.

This means no one really knows how this will turn out.

I hope it ends well.

It’s with this thought in my mind that I go deliver the clothes that were just completed to Miss Shehan.

“Miss Shehan, here.”

I say while handing the clothes to Miss Shehan, who looks a little flustered.

“Y-you want me to wear these girly clothes”


“Just wear them.

That’ll make it easier for him to see you as a woman, you know”

I say yes with a smile, and Freinet talks bluntly.

I hand Miss Shehan a white shirt and a pink skirt.

We made these clothes with materials from the forest.

There’s also boots and a jacket.

She doesn’t usually wear this sort of thing, so I think her whole aura will change.

“…Y-you want me to…”

“Just wear them already.”

Miss Shehan is reluctant because she doesn’t usually wear clothes like these, but Freinet is blunt again, and Miss Shehan leaves to go change.

I’m really excited to see the result.


She always wears armor, so she feels completely different.

She looks nervous, her face is red, and she looks timid, making her look even more girly.

It’s kind of cute, but it would probably be cuter if her hair was done a little better.

I go call Kayu and Shinomi, and they start going ‘kya kya’ when they see Miss Shehan, and start talking about how to make her look even cuter.

It looks like they’re having fun.

I don’t really understand it, but maybe, as I keep growing into an adult I’ll start going crazy about the idea of love too.

“Miss Shehan, let’s go with this hairstyle! We could do more if your hair was longer, but your short hair is cute too!”


“Miss Shehan, let’s use some hair ornaments.

That’ll make it cuter too!”


Kayu and Shinomi start pushing their enthusiasm into Miss Shehan.

I’m just looking at them go, but when they tell m to join them, I start helping make Miss Shehan look cuter too.

—Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part four

(The miko helps make the magic swordsman wearing cute clothes look even cuter.)


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