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Chapter 244 – Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part three

I decided to help Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan get together, but I have no idea how to actually help.

I’ve never done anything like this.

Miss Lan says I could talk to Mister Ilma in a way that increases how much he likes her, and that by itself would be effective.

Mister Ilma worships me, so I think Miss Shehan and I getting along would be enough to make him like her more.

Part of me thinks this isn’t enough, but I don’t want to do anything to ruin it, so I have to take it one step at a time.

Now that I’ve decided to help, I’ve been hanging out with them more, and I’m really noticing how Miss Shehan follows Mister Ilma everywhere.

It doesn’t look like he has a problem with her or anything like that, and he never tells her not to go somewhere with him, because she never gets in his way.

Hm… I think Miss Shehan might be going after Mister Ilma more unilaterally than I thought.

And I feel like Mister Ilma’s faith towards me is so strong that he doesn’t pay attention to anything else.

It’s kind of like how Miss Lan enjoys her research so much that she has no interest in this sort of thing either.

“I don’t think Ilma is even aware of Shehan and how she feels.”

“Hm, that’s true.”

Freinet and I are observing Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan.

We had gryphons and Scifo with us too, but they left because they’re not interested in humans’ romance.

Freinet on the other hand looks like she’s having fun.

“Maybe we should talk to someone that knows more about love.

I mean, it’s fine that Shehan wants to be Ilma’s girlfriend, but she’s acting the same exact way she always did.”

“…So what should she do, to be his girlfriend”

“I don’t know.

I’m a spirit, so I don’t know about humans’ love.”

“Of course…”

I guess a kid like me and a spirit like Freinet aren’t going to know what to do in a situation like this.

Should we ask someone for advice But Miss Lan isn’t interested in this sort of thing, so who

Someone like Mister Dongu Maybe someone who’s married would know what to say.

Ah, but I shouldn’t go around telling everyone how Miss Shehan feels.

She doesn’t want people to know.

So who am I going to ask

After thinking about this for a bit, I decide to go to Miss Zeshihi, the healer.

“Miss Shehan and Mister Ilma… If she wants him to turn her way, how about she changes the way she looks”

“The way she looks”

Miss Shehan is a magic swordsman, so she wears armor.

I think it’s cool, and I don’t really see an issue with that, but…

“She could dress more femininely and stylish.

That would make it easier to get his attention.”



And don’t forget to tell me when you find someone you like too, Lerunda.”

Says Miss Zeshihi with a smile.

“We should make some clothes for Miss Shehan.

I think Mister Ilma will start paying attention once she’s dressed more femininely and lets her hair down.

That’s something to think about, but… Also, she’s probably never been in love, but I think she should work a little harder.”

“Making clothes for Miss Shehan Sounds fun.

She’s tall, so lots of things would look good.”


Let’s give them to her as a present.”

And so, we decide to make clothes for Miss Shehan, and Miss Zeshihi says she’s going to get more people to help with it.

Still, will cute clothes make him turn her way Do people become lovers while doing this sort of thing I don’t know a lot about love, so I want to hear about it from different people and understand it better.

Afterwards, I tell Miss Shehan we’re making clothes for her, and she looks surprised, probably because she never really dressed that way before.

Freinet tells her that apparently it’s going to be more difficult if she doesn’t do things like that, and she reluctantly accepts it.

But I think she’s a little embarrassed by the idea of dressing like that.

I’m looking forward to seeing her with a cute outfit.

I bet she’ll look a lot different.

I’ll do my best to help make her clothes.

—Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part three

(The miko is going to help make clothes for the magic swordsman in love.)


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